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Summer Solstice Rituals

Since ancient times the Summer Solstice is a joyous celebration in the Pagan tradition. Contrary to popular belief, the Solstice marks MidSummer. It is when the Earth has reached midpoint on her journey around the sun. It is the peak of summertime - after which the daylight hours will begin to shorten again.  

Saint Barbara

December 4th is the Feast Day for Saint Barbara!

I am very fortunate to be participating in a celebration at my local Botanica on this fortuitous day!

It is important to note that Saint Barbara is now an unofficial Saint, or a folk Saint, due to the fact that she has been removed from the official church calendar. However, her cults have persisted and many argue that it is because of her popularity in folk magick and spiritual traditions that her reputation is still alive!

The Sacred Spider

 As Witches, Metaphysical workers, Pagans, and Spiritualists (who have I missed?)... we tend to have one thing in common and that is reverence for the Earth and Nature. We spend time in the rivers and streams cleansing our souls, get solace and energy from trees and read the clouds for symbols... I mean who doesn't turn to nature for relaxation and rejuvenation?

Beginner's Advice for Patron Deities

Recently the topic of Patron Deities has come up several times. People are seeking advice and information about how to approach their Patron Deities, how to build a relationship with them and how to interpret the signs they may be receiving from them.

Divination & Psychic Work

    Lately I've had a lot of discussions about my divination services. It's an interesting topic for many reasons and it tends to be a very personal practice. The reason it is so personal is because it has to do with spiritual gifts bestowed. The way that these kind of things manifest are unique to each individual. In kind, the way that these talents are expressed also vary from person to person. This variation is in part due to the personality of the practitioner, their philosophies & education, and in part due to the very nature of the gift itself.

Can a Spiritual Worker assist you in Spiritual Advancement?

  I have noticed some debates in the metaphysical community surrounding the abilities of Spiritual Workers to help others develop their intuition or advance on their spiritual path. I would like to take some time here make some clarifications on the topic. 

Cleansing Unwanted Energy

  Many people contact me with depressed conditions in which they are concerned that they may be cursed with negative magick. The first thing that I tell people is, to be honest with themselves and try to objectively assess if they are in any way contributing to the negativity of their own situation. We are only human, and we are certainly prone to negative thought patterns when in situations which are not in our control or are unfavorable. It's important to do some serious self-assessing in these situations.

Our Sacred Mother in Art; Another Perspective

Here is another fun post from my outings to The Blanton Museum of Art, here in Austin.  

Some of these works are from the exhibit:L: "Re-envisioning the Virgin Mary: Colonial Painting from South America, others are from the permanent collection. 

Please enjoy these lovely images of the Sacred Mother. I had an incredibly powerful experience viewing these! 




I hope you enjoyed the beautiful images! 

~ Blessings ~ 

The Golden Ball & The Third Eye

As promised, here is part 2 of Developing Your Spiritual Tools - Beyond the Basics

Here are three more, very short exercises. These can be performed solo or in combination with any of the other exercises I have provided.

Protection Work / Energy Shield: 

Developing Your Spiritual Tools - Beyond the Basics

I have put together some simple exercises to help you hone in on, and strengthen your gifts! Many people know that they have spiritual or psychic abilities or tendencies, but do not know where to begin with strengthening or controlling them. Here are some practices to assist with development. 

Once you have a regular practice involving work such as this you will begin to have insights and further developments on your own. This is especially true if you pay attention to the insights you have when you practice. 

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