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*Each Purchase Denotes Agreement of the Terms & Conditions of Service

A user Account is required for all Services & Products. Clients are required to download the Client Agreement before Services are scheduled or Products are shipped. 

All Sales Are Final 

If you purchase a Service and your situation changes or you change your mind, you will be offered a store credit. This is an opportunity to exchange your Working for another Service. Miss Melinda is happy to help you develop a plan as life fluctuates and your situation develops. However, all sales are final

*Should Miss Melinda become unavailable for your scheduled appointment or unable to complete your Work, you will be issued a full refund.* 

Refunds will NOT be given after Services are completed. 

No Guarantees: 

There are no guarantees in Spiritual Work or in any work performed by Practitioners are only human, the Divine makes the final decision in all things. When you purchase a service from Miss Melinda you are hiring her to intercede on your behalf. She will be praying, meditating and petitioning for your cause. She will use her own energy, abilities, intent and tools in addition to imploring and evoking the Saints, Spirits and Deities that she works with. It must be understood that in asking for a particular goal or specific outcome we are asking Spirit to rearrange life. This takes time.

There are never any time-line guarantees. There are may factors which are not in the control of a Spiritual practitioner, such as how you, or other parties, handle the situation on your end. Free will must be considered. Spirit will always choose what is best for the highest good of all individuals involved.

Love Services: 

Most Services related to matters of love and relationships require a Phone Consultaiton OR a phone Reading BEFORE booking your Servcie. If you are a first time client in need of Love Services, please book your phone appointment first. 

Defensive Magick & Dark Arts: 

Most Services related to Defensive Magick & Dark Arts require a Phone Consultaiton OR a phone Reading BEFORE booking your Servcie. If you are a first time client in need of protection, binding, banishing, break-up or Souring Work, please book your phone appointment first. 

Time-Line for Spiritual Services:

It is traditional to look for small signs within a few days of performance. These signs will be personal to you and your circumstances. They could come in a dream, in nature, on a license plate, or in a song (for example). Miss Melinda cannot tell you where to look for signs, you must pay attention and use your intuition. You should look for signs of movement in a favorable direction within a few weeks, and full completion within a few months (typically after 3 entire Moon cycles have passed). That being said, each case is different and there are many factors which may cause a case to require more time or more effort. Everything depends upon the specific circumstances at hand. 

If at any time it seems that signs are not favorable or movement is not happening you may need to repeat a Service or attempt another approach. Every disease is not cured with the same treatment, it is the same with Spiritual work, each case is different. Cases which are stubborn, challenging or complex will take more time and more energy. 

To get further perspective on your situation and the outcome a Reading can be purchased at any time before, during or after a Service. 

Phone Appointments and Phone Readings: 

If you are 15 minutes late to your phone appointment the appointment will be re-scheduled.

Your second no-show for a phone appointment will result in forfeiting your appointment and your appointment fee. 

There are no refunds for phone appointments. It is the responsibility of the client to call me at the number provided at the time of the appointment. Phone appointments must be purchased prior to scheduling. Payment reserves your time slot. Phone appointments are not guaranteed to be scheduled within any specific time frame. 

*Should Miss Melinda become unavailable for your appointment, and if re-scheduling is not an option, you will be refunded in full.* 


A donation does not entitle you to a Service of any kind. 


When you hire Miss Melinda to Work on your behalf she will schedule your Service for the closest time slot available on the best day to compliment your Work and increase the chances of success. Scheduling is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is payment which reserves your appointment date. Taking the above factors into consideration, appointments are scheduled up to a month in advance at times.   

You must have a working email address to schedule and appointment. Scheduling will not be handled through facebook or other social media sites. 

Guided Meditation: 

All meditations are written and performed by Miss Melinda. When you hire Miss Melinda to create a customized meditation for your specific goals you will receive your order within 2-3 weeks. Custom meditations are delivered via email in MP3 format.


Upon booking a Service with Miss Melinda you will receive a confirmation email with a schedule date for your Work. The date selected will be Miss Melinda's nearest availability which best corresponds to the type of work you need. 


*At times a Reading will be required before a Service is booked*

The future is not set in stone. Please see my About Me Page for further details. Readings and Spiritual Guidance are not a substitute for professional, legal or medical advice or assistance. Miss Melinda or does not take responsibility for decisions made in your life. All Services are for entertainment purposes only. When appropriate, legal advice, professional help or medical help should be sought. Readings and Spiritual Guidance are not a substitute for professional, legal or medical help. 


To have your Service or Working completed within 24 hours of purchase please see below guidelines: 

My Rush Emergency Service :  allows you a Custom, Deluxe RootWork Service to be performed on your behalf within 24 hours. 

*This is the TOTAL fee for your Rush, Custom Service*

My Level 1 Rush Fee : applies to all other Services. (omitting custom, RootWork)

Receipt of Purchase: 

When your work is completed you will receive a report (via email, MP3 or Video) or a PDF which will include photographs and a detailed information. This report is your receipt of purchase and proof of services rendered. Reporting can take up to 14 business days to process after the initial Service is complete and candles are extinguished. 

*Miss Melinda does not provide daily updates or reports. You will receive one main report. In some cases Services require brief follow-up Reports, this is determined by Miss Melinda.*

To receive a daily report, or any additional reporting, please book a: phone appointment OR email consultation

Please Note: 

The Services provided are unique to each individual client and their circumstances. The work that is done will be determined through intuitive means and will vary from person to person and from session to session. In some cases extra time may be required to determine the correct procedures. In all cases a process of preliminary communication will be required. 

Photos Associated with Services: 

*The photos displayed on are only examples. Actual appearance will vary according to the specific Service. Candles used may vary.* 


All shipping is completed as quickly as possible. Please allow 2 weeks to process handmade goods which are made to order. Shipping updates are provided upon processing your order.  

*Please note: Miss Melinda has only just begun to expand into selling supplies. All supplies are extremely limited. Packaging is minimal and no nonsense! Your items will be shipped responsibly, with care, and on time, without frills and fancies.*