The Truth About the Ethics of Spiritual Work & Realistic Expectations


Here is some basic information regarding realistic expectations for Spiritual Work. I will also be answering some common questions regarding the outcomes and time-lines for such work.

Timelines and Effort Required Vary from Case to Case

Generally speaking, the length of time it takes for a spell to manifest depends upon the specific circumstances. More challenging situations have a longer turnaround time. At times a challenging situation may require repeat Work. It is not unusual to Work for a specific goal for a year or more, even several years. I have also seen situations manifest within a matter of days, so it really just depends. 

If there has been a lot of energy exerted to create your circumstance, then it will take time and a lot of energy to change them. We are asking to re-arrange life, that doesn't happen over night. 

Specific Expectations for Timelines

In general, after SpellWork is completed you should look for small positive signs within a few days (like a word on a billboard that means something to you, or a special song on the radio, or a meaningful number or symbol appearing in your life, etc). Movement toward your goal should begin to happen within a few weeks, and your final outcome should occur within a few months (around three to four months). *In this context a month refers to a complete moon cycle.*

What if you don't see Movement? 

If at any point you are not seeing signs or movement, or if your goal does not occur, then a different approach may need to be taken or a Working may need to be repeated. Think about it this way, every disease isn't cured the same way and with the same dose of medicine, sometimes you have to repeat the treatment or try a different kind of cure or therapy. The same is true with Spiritual Work.  

Your Actions Matter & they will Affect the Outcome!

A good doctor will do their absolute best to cure you, but it will take effort from you to help yourself as well. Any ethical Spiritual Worker will tell you the same. I do my best to intervene on your behalf and give your case the best quality Work, however you should also be working towards real-world action in the physical world to help manifest your goal. 

The success of your outcome often depends heavily upon your actions in the real world. Magick does not cure everything. If you are acting in a way which opposes the Spiritual goals, are self sabotaging, or have consistent negative or obsessive thoughts, these kinds of things can actively work against your Spiritual or Magickal goals. Your mind set and your actions are very important in determining your reality regardless of how much magick is performed on your behalf. 

Success is Never Guaranteed

An ethical Spiritual Worker will never guarantee success. There are just far too many factors which can get in the way, including the free will of the target(s). Spiritual Workers are only human. Although I am a knowledgable and gifted Spiritual Worker, I do not have the final say in fate or destiny, Spirit makes all final decisions and there are many factors outside of my control. 

Getting Insight into Your Outcome

If you determine that you would like some additional insight regarding the outcome of your situation, an in-debth Reading may be advisable. At times, it may be required to receive a Reading before attempting Spiritual Work for a large, or challenging case. A Reading can also provide you answers about what my be blocking the success of your Work or causing delays in your situation. 

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