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Life Cycle Reading: 36 Card Tarot Reading / An In-Depth Overview of Life's Patterns

Item Description

This is an in-depth Reading. You will receive a detailed verbal report (recorded) from 30 - 60 minutes in lengh. Major patterns for self growth, spiritual evolution, and life guidance will be outlined to provide you with maximum Spiritual support to co-create your best life and take supreme advantage of the lessons life is handing you. 

This 36 card Reading is an overview of all the major areas of your life including past, present, and future events or prevailing conditions in the areas of business, money and finance, involvement with family, friends, and loved ones, your home, hearth and health; including mental, emotional and physical health. 

*Photos will NOT be included with this Reading. Specific questions are NOT addressed with this Reading.*

This is a very useful Reading to assess what lessons can be learned from your past and apply those lessons to your future. It is also a great way to see your overall picture from an objective, outside source. Seeing things in this way gains you valuable insight which can be applied to personal goals, self growth and finding solutions for breaking free from repeating patterns or negative habits or emotional blockages. 

Some of the information that you receive in a Reading such as this will be reflective, it will reflect back to your own intuitions or insights which you may already be aware of, but which are helpful to see from another perspective. 

Valuable insight will be gained! It is then up to you to apply this insight to assist you in leading a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. Readings from a Spiritual perspective are most beneficial when used to help you create the reality you want to live!

If you are a Spiritual person on a path towards growth and fulfillment, if you feel stuck or blocked on your path....or you just want insight to help you be better and live better.... this is for you! 

Don't forget, fate is not set in stone! Destiny is something we are creating with each decision day by day. Spiritual guidance shows us options for our outcomes and makes suggestions for ways in which we can improve ourselves and our futures, it does not show us a fate that is set in stone. 

*Photos will NOT be included with this Reading. Specific questions are NOT addressed with this Reading.*

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Please comment at the time of checkout with your full name (maiden, middle, etc) and your date of birth. 

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Blessings ~ 


"I recently got the 36-card reading. I found it to be a great source of insight and inspiration, and I was pleasantly surprised at the length of it. It's nice to see a reader go into such great depth about your situation. She had a good sense of what my issues were, and I appreciate the help. Thanks, Miss Melinda!"

"It was an accurate reading on the point and gave me helpful insights. She saw details she couldn't know and gave me good advice.I would recommend her and her important work. She is absolutely trustworthy and I'm sure I'll come back if I need her service.Thanks for the candle reading and the perfect service!"

*For entertainment value only. Information obtained in Readings is not intended to substitute legal or professional care or assistance. Proper medical care should be sought in health-related matters.Miss Melinda or is not responsible for any decisions made in your personal life.*

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*For entertainment purposes only*

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