Spiritual / Magical Teaching - 60 Minute Video Session

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☆60 Minute Teaching Session☆

Spiritual & Magical Teaching: 

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These sessions are designed for folks seeking instruction for specific techniques and topics related to the practice of magic, mysticism and energy work. If we have not spoken previously about your area of interest, please contact me to discuss before booking. 

Examples of techniques taught are: channeling energy, charging objects, anchoring energy, energetic & magical protection, grounding techniques, shielding, spiritual cleansing, dream incubation, and more. 

Each session will begin with a pre-set intention determined by you. This intention will be set via email before our session.

After your session, you will receive a written report which may contain homework suggestions. 

I can't wait to Work with you! 

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Reviewed by M.R. on Feb 12, 2020
Thank you again Miss Melinda for getting me through a very difficult time in my life, getting me back on my feet and for giving me a new perspective in my life that allowed me to regain my inner strength and rebuild myself in accordance with my authentic self.
Spiritual Teaching with Miss Melinda

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