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Mystic Journey - 60 Minute Journey Session via Phone

Item Description

☆60 Minute Mystic Session via Phone☆

Mystic Journey Sessions: 

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Allow me to guide you through energy Work and Guided Visualizations to develop your psychic gifts, shift your energetic reality, anchor your intentions and much more. 

These sessions are designed for seasoned practitioners and experienced diviners, psychics, magic makers, spiritual folks and energy workers. In this 60 minute hands-on session I will guide you in deepening your gifts, reviving your connection or Working on specific areas of interest. 

Each session will begin with a pre-set intention determined by you. This intention will be set via email before our session. In the session you will be led through deep visualizations and energy Work which targets your area of focus in a powerful and meaningful way. A shift will then begin to unfold within you which may happen quickly but will continue to unfold and develop over a period of time. This is a practical asset to your personal practice and journey. 

I can't wait to Work with you! 

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Reviewed by R.S. on Feb 14, 2020
I just wanted you to know that you have amazing gifts and you're amazing for helping others through your own gifts. I hope to have you as my spiritual advisor for life. I will definitely be contacting you again.
Mystic Journey with Miss Melinda
Reviewed by Madame Pamita on Sep 12, 2019
Having several sessions with Miss Melinda was AMAZING! It helped me to build on the experience and knowledge of the previous sessions to open up my clairvoyance in a way that is STILL resonating! If you want to develop your intuition or expand your psychic abilities in a gentle yet powerfully resonant way, booking a series with Miss Melinda is the way to go!
Mystic Journey with Miss Melinda

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