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Miss Melinda's New Year Forecast: Bookings CLOSED

Item Description

☆Bookings CLOSED☆

This Reading consists of a 6 card Spread which I have designed specifically for the purpose of Forecasting your general outlook for 2022! 

My New Year Reading covers all major areas of your life: Finance & Career, Love & Relationships, Spiritual Guidance & Self Growth in the coming year. 

This Reading does not pertain to one particular question or topic, but instead offers you an overview of the major areas of your life and what is coming up ahead. Start your New Year right with a forecast to help map the way! You will receive a detailed voice recorded report offering in-depth guidance and insight to prepare you for the year ahead. Allow me to assist you with tackling life's twists and turns. The New Year brings a fresh start and you will be ready to start off on the right foot! 

Please comment at the time of checkout with your full name (maiden, middle, etc) and your date of birth. 

*This Reading does not come with photos, but you will receive a detailed, voice recorded Report* 

*Specific questions are NOT addressed with this Reading.*

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Feedback from this Service: 

"Thank you so much! I started tearing up half way through because my heart felt so full. Everything you've shared in this forecast resonated with me. I'm so very appreciative of your guidance and direction. Looking forward to this next year and can't wait to see what comes of this forecast! "

"Thank You So Much for your amazing insight. You were on point. At the moment, there are many changes happening in my life. This reading really resonated with me and brought clarity to me." 

"Thanks for my 2019 reading... it was great and so on point. I'm not surprised at all...all your work is."

"I absolutely loved last year's forecast and think it helped me stay grounded and focus more throughout the year than ever before so I look forward to how this next year will look and how it feels combined with the road opener! As always, it's a pleasure working with you and learning from you."

Client Testimonial: 

"Wow what a Reading. You’re really amazing how you describe/explain things in a way that I totally get Miss Melinda. Thanks for being so detailed and putting so much of your energy into what you do. I feel really safe with you as my spiritual advisor. I never doubt anything you tell me and that feels really good to have for me. I ask a million questions and you’re so patient and kind always. You definitely make me want to be a better person and work harder to obtaining it. Thanks for being you, don’t change ever please."

*For entertainment value only. Information obtained in Readings is not intended to substitute legal or professional care or assistance. Proper medical care should be sought in health-related matters. Miss Melinda or is not responsible for decisions made in your personal life.*

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

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*For entertainment purposes only*


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