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The Priestess: Custom Intensive Spell Pack

Item Description

Spell Services are performed once per month during the week of the Full Moon. 

With this Service you receive hands-on care. You & I will walk through the spell casting process together with before & after Readings & one-on-one discussions. You will be provided with an Intensive, Custom Spell Service & personalized client care. Intensive Spell Services include up to 4 support candles. 

The total value of this package is over $530, it is provided here at a 20% discount. 

The Priestess, Custom Intensive Spell Pack Includes

☆ A 30 minute phone consultation: including a prescriptive Reading to determine the approach of your Spell Work and a consultation to discuss your needs & goals. 

☆ A Custom, Intensive Spell Service: to be determined based upon individual circumstances & Spiritual guidance. 

☆ A 45 minute video chat including a follow-up mini Reading & a verbal report. 

☆ Photos also provided. 

Your phone consultation will be scheduled via email after booking your Service. Your Spell Service will be scheduled after your initial consultation. 

Please be sure to comment at the time of checkout with the full names & dates of birth for those included in the Service. 


*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

A user Account is required for all Services & Products. Clients are required to download the Client Agreement before receipt of all Services & Products.

*For entertainment purposes only*

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Shipped Spell Remnants = Your remnants crafted into a paquet or bundle & delivered: offering an extension of your Service & further enhancement of energetic connection.



Reviewed by T.D. on Nov 21, 2020
Thank you so much!!! You don’t know how much I really adore you and appreciate you! You came into my life at the right time. I was at a very low point! Filled with anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, just all kind of low vibrations lol. But you have been a great blessing to say the least! I am healing already! I feel it in my soul!
Intensive Spell Casting & Energy Healing with Miss Melinda
Reviewed by on Nov 10, 2020
This service has already started to show me results and it just started a few weeks ago. I have done some work with Melinda in this last year and it has really helped me through a rough time and is really helping me turn my life around in many aspects my heart my mind and my spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for genuine heart and ethical practice. I look forward to continuing this work towards better days.
Intensive Spell Casting & Energy Healing with Miss Melinda
Reviewed by on Oct 9, 2020
Intensive Spell Casting & Energy Healing with Miss Melinda

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