EMERGENCY READING - Delivered within 24 hours of Booking

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★EMERGENCY READING: Delivered within 24 hours of booking★

You may submit 2 Questions OR request advice on one overall topic or situation. 

You will receive a Mp3 report within 24 hours of booking. Photos will not be included. 

About my Readings

During readings, I tune into Spiritual Guidance and channel information and messages for you. 

In a tarot reading, you may not always get the answers that you want, but you will get the information you need from Spirit. 

My readings come from a spiritual perspective and often reflect where you are in your journey of growth and development. Often they pertain to the present, as Spirit leads us toward working for a better future. Spirit will show us our possible outcomes if we are to continue on our current path. Spirit will also show us other possible paths and possible outcomes, making suggestions for personal and spiritual growth which offer us better futures.

Don't forget, fate is not set in stone! Our life is something we are creating with each decision day by day. Spiritual guidance shows us options for our outcomes and makes suggestions for ways in which we can improve ourselves and our futures, it does not show us a fate that is set in stone. 

Please comment at the time of checkout with your questions or needed area of guidance, your full name (birth, maiden, middle, etc) and your date of birth.  

I look forward to Working on your behalf! 

~ Blessings ~ 

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*Information obtained in Readings is not intended to substitute legal or professional care or assistance. Proper medical care should be sought in health-related matters. Miss Melinda or MissMelindasMetaphysicalServices.com is not responsible for decisions made in your personal life.*

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Reviewed by on Nov 3, 2019
I just wanted to take a second and thank you for the emergency reading you did for me. I find myself listening to it often and following your advice even tho it is hard for me to leave someone I love alone - I know it’s for the better. I look forward to speaking to him soon, thank you again and I can’t wait to reach out to you soon with good news. Thank you for your patience and always being so good to me.
Miss Melinda's Expedited Tarot Reading delivered within 24 Hours

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