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Wax Reading / Ceromancy

Item Description

For a small fee, I am happy to interpret the wax signs, symbols, messages and meanings from your candle spells or Workings. 

I will read the signs in the photos you provide of your Working as it is on-going and when it is finished. I will decipher the meanings present in the wax flow, the wax remnants, the candle flames, and the wax symbols. 

You will receive a brief report via email 

Please submit at least three clear photos including one after the Working is completed & include your intention or goal for the Working. 

Click HERE for more in depth coaching in the magickal arts. 

Feedback from this Service: 

"Your report is spot on. We had a little riff over sex I guess which is the sexual tension you showed. As I was listening to the report I was laughing because it was so spot on. You’re amazing! Things are great right now I don’t feel how I felt a few days ago. He’s more attentive."

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Reviewed by R.B. on Mar 4, 2021Miss Melinda offers great services, and is very attentive to details that are significant. Her observations are very detailed, and she is very responsive, and helpful. I definitely recommend her for any type of divination service you need, and she offers. I will be a returning client.Miss Melindas Wax Interpretation ReadingWax Reading / Ceromancy
Reviewed by on Nov 9, 2018Miss Melindas Wax Interpretation ReadingWax Reading / Ceromancy

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