40 Minute Guidance Session - Spiritual Coaching

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40 Minute Spiritual Coaching Session

Each session is hand-tailored and begins where you are on your path at the present moment.

Sessions include a follow-up report with homework. 

Take advantage of one-on-one mentorship and learn from a seasoned practitioner

If you are on a Spiritual journey, I am available to guide you along the way. I can help you make sense out of the signs the Universe sends you, assist you through learning the Spiritual language of your guides, and help you to develop and learn to use the Spiritual gifts & psychic abilities which are naturally yours. Through my coaching and guidance we can attune you to your own power and carve out the path most beneficial for your development, health and happiness. 


Session are used for >

➤ Mentorship

I am happy to provide assistance with and knowledge about specific skills such as: making magick, practicing folk magick, candle magick, spell casting, systems of divination, reading tarot, nature oracles, Spiritual and magickal tips for your lifestyle & household, plus much more! 

If you would like assistance developing a specific skill which I have not mentioned, please drop me a line here. 

Mystic Council

I am happy to provide expertise and guidance with identifying and developing intuition, psychic abilities and Spiritual gifts.

As a Universalist, I believe in one-ness. The “supernatural” is not something outside of ourselves, it is within us and within nature. The cosmos is unified, not compartmentalized - and we are moving particles within that cosmos. We can create magick because we are magick. We can have direct experiences with God the Universe, because we are the Universe.  I’m here to help you connect with the supernatural within you, to gain the oneness you are seeking, and to unlock the mysteries of your Divine Nature. 

➤ Spiritual Guidance

I am happy to provide council from a Spiritual perspective for challenging situations, difficult choices, or big transitions. I am happy to offer support with gaining Spiritual connection during your time of need. I am skilled in identifying blockages and leading you through those blockages towards transformation

Spiritual Coaching 

I am happy to provide direction, instruction and information for developing your Spiritual or magickal path and honing in on your Spiritual practice and philosophy. 

Some topics for these sessions include Spiritual channeling, dream Work, dream analysis, Spirit Work, Spirit guides, Ancestor Work, energy Work, mental exercises, protection, grounding, expanding intuition and much more! 

If you would like assistance developing a specific skill which I have not mentioned, please drop me a line here

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"Thank you again Miss Melinda for getting me through a very difficult time in my life, getting me back on my feet and for giving me a new perspective in my life that allowed me to regain my inner strength and rebuild myself in accordance with my authentic self."

Testimonials for this Service: 

"Greetings Miss Melinda, I know that I have and hopefully continue to evolve! It's in my face. I think differently, I handle things differently. I can't explain it but I know it's from the work that you did for me. It was a slow process. Then one day I realized that I have evolved into a greater human being. I still have my sense of humor.  My co-workers are happy when they see me. I bring a new and positive energy. It's not about me, it's about everyone around me.I care and I share. Thank you for everything that you did for me." 

"I stopped communicating with you because that's when I really felt a change that I didn't need to tell you things that was or was not going on in my life. Any issues that I may have dissolve on it's own. No need to discuss anything with anyone except my spiritual guides. Amazing."

"Miss Melinda is amazing and puts all her efforts into helping her clients. She is  so greatly appreciated! I could not thank her enough. I am so glad I found Miss Melinda and I know it was meant to be."


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