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BOOKINGS CLOSED: Samhain Season Spiritual Package

Item Description


Bookings open November 2024

The total value of this package is over $270, it is provided here at a discount over 10%. 

The Saimhain Season Spiritual Package Includes:

☆ The Witche's New Year VanVan Service 

The VanVan formula is traditional for clearing away old, stagnant energy, removing unwanted influences, and ushering in blessings, prosperity & good luck. It is said to turn bad luck to good! This is a wonderful Service to prepar for deeper Spiritual Work or Ancestral communication which is often performed during October & November through the New Year

☆ The Samhain Season Conjuring Spirits Spell Service

Use this Service to gain assistance from Ancestors, spirit Guides or others from the world of the invisibles. You may ask for specific assistance regarding goals or circumstances, or simply seek a stronger relationship & a stronger presence of Guides in your everyday life. This is also an excellent Service to seek stronger & clearer communication from your Ancestors or Guides through whatever means that you receive your guidance & messages. 

☆ The Saimhain Season Ancestor Reading 

The Question Answered in this Reading is: "What is the message from my Ancestors at this time?" Gain guidance into the lessons, insights and messages available to from your Ancestors. You will receive a report via email including an voice recording and a photo of your cards. 

☆ Simple Reports & photos for Each Service & Session. Follow up Readings are available separately.

Spell Services are performed once per month during the week of the Full Moon. 

Please provide your date of birth and full birth name in the notes at checkout. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, I'm friendly!

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I look forward to Working on your behalf! 

~ Blessings ~ 


*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

A user Account is required for all Services & Products. Clients are required to download the Client Agreement before receipt of all Services & Products.

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Shipped Spell Remnants = Your remnants crafted into a paquet or bundle & delivered: offering an extension of your Service & further enhancement of energetic connection.


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