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VanVan Loaded Spell Candle: Large

Item Description

VanVan Loaded Spell Candles in Large. 

Vibe Up! 

The traditional VanVan formula is designed to cleanse & bless. It is said to change bad luck to good. These candles are loaded up with powerful energy to clear out the old & usher in fresh blessings, good luck & success. 

Miss Melinda's loaded candles are hand-crafted, with excellent, fresh ingredients. They are dressed, blessed, charged & ready to get to Work on your behalf! 

New Blessings VanVan Candles contain: lemongrass, ginger, orange, pyrite, copal & more! 

Miss Melinda's loaded candles pack a BIG punch! Burn these in a fire proof bowl with caution & care. 

Be well & be blessed! 

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