Three Kings Self-Igniting Incense Charcoal / Brazier Charcoal Pack of 10 / Charcoal Briquettes / Cathedral Charcoal / Self-Lighting Orthodox Incense Charcoal Disk Tablet

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One pack of 10 Self-Igniting Incense Disks. 

Three Kings Fast-lighting charcoal is the finest charcoal tablet available. These disks are crafted from extremely fine charcoal and pressed to make a clean, non-crumbly, tablet. 

For use in burning your loose herbs, loose incense blends, and botanical powders, as well as resins, barks and more. Personally, I burn my Palo Santo sticks on charcoal for better ease and more consistent smoke. Many of my Conjure powders & Botanical Blends can also be used as incense to add a layering affect to your Workings or spells. 

These high quality powders are pure, natural mixes, free from igniting agents such as saltpeter and sulfur. It is best to use pure incenses for offerings and rituals. Stick and cone incenses are created from synthetic scents, chemicals, and saltpeter. 

To use: Simply hold a lighter to the edges and wait for it to spark and crackle! Many prefer to use tongs or another tool to hold the charcoal while lighting. After a few moments the disk will turn grey or red. It is now a live coal ready to burn upon! ONLY use charcoal disks in heat-safe dishes, censers, or incense burners created to diffuse heat. You may also use a clay, metal, or glass bowl with a layer of sand on the bottom to disperse the heat. Use caution! 


You will receive one roll: 10 33mm charcoal disks


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