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Spiritual Cleansing / Emotional Cleansing / Spiritual Healing / Spiritual Purification

Item Description

✭To be used for and individual or a relationship✭

Things this candle can help with include, but are not limited to: 

~Spiritual Maintenance for Purification or Protection

~To cleanse a family or home from negative experiences and influences

~ In recovering from traumatic events such as break-ups, turmoil in the Home, emotional difficulties

-Getting over past turmoil in a relationship, for the purposes of moving the relationship or yourself forward in a positive direction.

-Cleansing the self and protecting the self from further negativity when there has been considerable bad luck, turmoil or disturbing events.

-Purification when making a conscious decision to move forward in a new direction or make a change of habit or path.

-Purification at the beginning of a Spiritual dedication, journey, quest or vow.

-Removal of negative energy or affects that have been placed on you by others, intentionally or unintentionally. 

*Please note: Spiritual Work is never intended to replace medical care. Spiritual healing targets your circumstances on a Spiritual level, not a physical level. No claims of physical healing are made with this Service or any other Service from MissMelindasMetaphysicalServices.com.*

I will use this Service as a method to send energy to you and your goal. I will send petitions to the spirit world on your behalf and focus my concentration through prayer, meditation, energy work and Spiritual connection. 

All Services performed by me are written and designed by me and are personal to my philosophies and techniques which have been developed over twenty-five years of practice. Although some Services have old, traditional foundations, the techniques used in my Work are personal to my belief system and my relationship to Spirit and Spiritual energy. The Saints, Deities, and Spirit guides that I work with will be asked for assistance in these undertakings.

The type of Spiritual Work I practice is a combination of candle magick, energy work & prayer using my spiritual gifts & connection. Written petitions will be utilized, along with additional tools and natural elements such as herbs, roots, stones and crystals. My Services are serious metaphysical work during which I channel energy from the Spirit World and send it to you and your cause. 

This listing is for one individualized candle Service. The candles will burn until they do not burn any longer. All of my Services are completely unique to the individual needs of the client at hand. Each Service is customized for your specific circumstances.

When you book a Service with me you will be notified via email with a confirmation and a schedule date. The Work will be performed on the next available day of the week and during the moon phase which works best to heighten the power. You will receive a detailed report when your Service is complete.     

Please comment at the time of checkout with your current goal or circumstance with as much detail as you would like. Include your date of birth and full name. The more information you give me the better I am able to help you. Photos are not required, but can be helpful. Client confidentiality is always honored. 

Check out my About Me page for further information. Feel free to message me with questions or conversations!

See my client Testimonials here

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Blessings ~


"I cannot thank you enough for this! i really can't...just reading your report about my work nearly had me crying because i felt the passion & care you put into my work & my goal & that in itself is incredibly rare & sacred....not only did you provide me a very detailed report (which is incredibly rare with spell-casters) but you attached beautiful pictures of my work & you included a reading of the potential outcome of it. I'm so excited after reading all this that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will continue to work with you again & definitely recommend your services! Again, thank you so much for all you have done for me & for providing your care, passion & knowledge into my work & also for your outstanding customer service....you have no idea how incredibly rare you are & I'm blessed to have come across you!"

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

A user Account is required for all Services & Products. Clients are required to download the Client Agreement before receipt of all Services & Products.

*For entertainment purposes only*

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Secrecy Protection: A 3 Day Candle Extension to keep your Spell Work invisible from preying eyes & protected from interference.

Shipped Spell Remnants = Your remnants crafted into a paquet or bundle & delivered: offering an extension of your Service & further enhancement of energetic connection.

Support Candles: Back-up Lights to hone in on additional intentions, nuanced energies, and subtle aspects of the overall goal.


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