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Spell Packet

Item Description

Miss Melinda's Spell Packets are handmade paper packets carefully aimed at your needs to assist you in manifesting your intentions and desires. These are handmade with great care and include spell work of their own. Each packet contains one main card with space to write your personal affirmation. This main card is to be used as a focal point. The packet will also contain one smaller card to carry in your purse or wallet, or to place under your mattress or doormat (for example), as well as a smaller packet containing the magic.

This smaller packet is a spell within itself which will contain powerful ingredients and be inscribed with number squares, sigils, or seals hand selected or created for you and your goal. 

You may use the components together or separately. 

Your packet will be created with a combination of tarot cards, playing cards, handmade paper, joss paper, spirit money, original artwork and more.

Intentions which are great for paper spell packets: Money & Prosperity, Success, Blessings & Guidance, Love & Relationships, Protection & Justice, Spiritual Connection & Growth.  

Spell packets may be used either in combination other magick, further actions or alone. 

Please comment at the time of checkout with your full birth name (middle, maiden, etc), your date of birth & your goal or intention. 

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