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Saint Dymphna's sacred days are Monday's, her feast day is May 15th. Her symbol is a sword pointed down or a book with a shamrock and crest. Her color is blue. Her flower is the Lily.  

She may be Petitioned in cases of insanity, obsession with demons, possession, nervous disorders, mental afflictions, family harmony & epilepsy.  In addition she is appropriate to consult in matters of drug addictions, anxiety, and where strength or cures are needed. St. Dymphna is also the patron saint of psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists and the Patron Saint of incest victims. In addition her patronage extends against sleepwalking, against insanity, loss of parents, rape victims, martyrs, mental asylums, mental health care givers, mental health hospitals, mental health professionals, princesses, runaways & therapists.  

Saint Dymphna is known as the Patron Saint of Peaceful Homes. Many miracles have been documented at her shrine which was built on her burial site in Gheel, Belgium. To this day miracles are documented at this site.

According to tradition, miracles occurred immediately after her tomb was discovered. A number of people who visited the tomb were said to be cured including those suffering from mental illness & epilepsy, along with a number of people under evil influence.

The story of St. Dymphna was first recorded in the 13th century. The author stated that his information was based upon a longstanding oral tradition and a history of miraculous healings of the mentally ill. 

When St. Dymphna was 14 her mother died. Her father, Damon, was afflicted with mental illness due to his grief. He searched high & low for a woman of noble birth who looked like his deceased wife & would be willing to marry him. When he couldn't find a suitable wife evil bystanders advised him to marry his daughter. Saint Dymphna refused her father and he chopped her head off with his sword. She received martyrdom in defense of her purity at the age of fifteen in the year 620. 

In one version of the tale St. Dymphna fled to Gheel in Belgium with her attendants where she set up a hospice for the poor and sick. It was through this use of her wealth that her father was able to track her down and kill her. 

In 1349 a church honoring the saint was built in Gheel. By 1480 the church sanctuary was expanded due to the influx of pilgrims seeking treatment for the mentally ill. Eventually the townspeople began taking visitors and patients into their homes. To this day patients are still taken into the homes of the resident's of Gheel. The tradition here has endured over 700 years. This style of care has become the study and envy of people all over the world. Patients here become family & community members, they are referred to only as boarders (never patients). Boarders work in exchange for care and community membership, they stay anywhere from a few months to a lifetime. In it's peak, in the 1930's, the village hosted over 4,000 boarders. 

Saint Dymphna knows what it is to suffer and to persevere! She will care for others because she knows how it feels to need care. She is a white light of purifying energy which does not judge and does not turn anyone away. She will take difficult cases and intercede on behalf of all those in need. She is a healer by nature and a survivor by circumstance. 

*Please note: Spiritual Work is never intended to replace medical care. Spiritual healing targets your circumstances on a Spiritual level, not a physical level. No claims of physical healing are made with this Service or any other Service from Spiritual healing is meant to assist you with actions taken in the physical world. It is most helpful in assisting you with healing when you are already on your path to recovering. This Service is particularly useful in assisting with medical professionals when serious illnesses are present. It is also helpful in assisting with transmuting or moving beyond pain, such as when transitioning out of this world."

In this Service the Saint is honored with offerings, such as lilies, honey and pure water, along with her novena candle. 

All Services are personal to my philosophies and techniques which have been developed over twenty years of practice. 

This is a Spiritual Service in which the main candle used is a 7 day Vigil Candle. After the initial Service is performed, your Vigil Candle will remain on my altar until it is fully extinguished. Until that time you and your goal will remain in my prayers and meditations. I will continue to work this candle each day until it burns out.  

Spiritual Services differ from basic spell work. In this Service Saint Dymphna will be venerated, honored, and praised through offerings, prayers and dedications. She will be petitioned to assist me with my Spiritual Work and to assist you with your goal. This is a form of channeling, invoking or conjuring. It involves a deep connection with Spirit. 

Prayer, paper petitions, meditations and energy work will be performed for you. Using Spiritual connection I will intercede on your behalf. Through Spiritual Channeling I will direct blessings and good luck towards your endeavors.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have questions about this or other services, I'm friendly and look forward to meeting you! 

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*Please note that these candles vary in color and text *

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