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Psychic Coaching & Development Package - Four, 60 Minute Phone Sessions

Item Description

☆A package of 4, 60 minute phone sessions.☆

This package is offered at a 15% discount from individual sessions.

To be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. 

Psychic Development Sessions: 

Looking for an individual session? Click HERE

Allow me to guide you through the exercises & systems available to assist your psychic & intuitive development. I will create a unique plan to nurture & expand your psychic growth, offering tools, exercises and knowledge gained over years of practice. I've been researching, practicing & developing for most of my life - so you can skip the stacks of books & get right to the core techniques that really work! There's no need for you to do this alone. I will be here to answer your questions, offer insight, and lead you in the direction most beneficial for your development and growth. Your session, and the follow up plan, will  be hand-tailored to you. No two situations are identical! I will assess your needs, your goals, and your unique gifts before creating a practice plan that is right for you. 

➤ The phone session comes with a written follow up plan for practice & development. The phone session itself is used for questions, discussion, and some hands-on instructional practice together. If you would like on-going support for your practice, you may book a package of sessions, or a client care package. 

These sessions are designed for the developing psychic, initiative, medium, charismatic, or sensitive. You may be a someone with a natural born gift who would like to deepen & develop this gift. You may be someone with strong intuition who would like go deeper. You may be someone who has always used a primary psychic or Spiritual ability & would now like to deepen or develop a secondary gift. You may be someone who is practicing or learning divination and would like to strengthen that skill through the deepening of intuitive or psychic gifts. 

If you have suddenly began to develop a psychic ability and you are unsure how to use it, what to do with it, and how to control it or deepen it - or perhaps you are simply ready to act upon the calling that you have always had, to stop ignoring your psychic awareness, and to finally deepen into the potential that is available for you! ...These sessions are perfect for you! I'm here to guide you, answer your questions, provide the structure, and set you up for safe practice, success and a deepened, meaningful unfolding of your natural abilities. 

I can't wait to Work with you! 


*After you book your session you will be contacted via email to schedule your phone call. *

➤See my policies here

Find out more about me and my path here

See my client testimonials here.

Scheduling: You will be contacted via email to schedule your phone appointments. 

➤See my policies here

Find out more about me and my path here

See my client testimonials here.

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