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Prescriptive Reading / Preliminary Service Assessment

Item Description

A Prescriptive Reading is utilized when a Reading is required before your Service. 

If you have a complicated situation and would like to determine the best way to move forward with Spiritual Work, this is the Reading for you. I will seek Spiritual guidance on your behalf and determine if Services are in your best interest and what approach to take in those Services. 

If you are feeling stuck and unsure about how to approach your situation, this Reading will help us sort out the details of your situation and move forward in a clear direction with a plan of action. 

This Reading is recommended before a Service when you want to be sure that you are making the correct choices. 

At times it is necessary for me to seek Spiritual Guidance for myself to ensure that it is approved by Spirit for me to Work on your behalf as well as to determine the correct approach for maximizing your success and happiness. If you are facing challenging circumstances, Spiritual Guidance through a Reading can help us determine what is in your best interest and highest good. As a Spiritual Worker I have an ethical duty to always do what is in the best interest of each client. 

About my Readings

During readings I tune into Spiritual Guidance and channel information and messages for you. 

In a Reading you may not always get the answers  that you want, but you will get the information you need from Spirit. 

My readings come from a spiritual perspective. Don't forget, fate is not set in stone! Destiny is something we are creating with each decision day by day. Spiritual guidance shows us options for our outcomes and makes suggestions for ways in which we can improve ourselves and our futures, it does not show us a fate that is set in stone. 

*This Reading does not come with photos. You will receive a detailed Report* 

*Photos will NOT be included with this Reading.*

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Check out my About Me page for further information. Feel free to message me with questions or conversations!

Please comment at the time of checkout with your full name (maiden, middle, etc) and your date of birth. Photos are helpful, but not essential. 

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Blessings ~ 

Client Testimonial: 

"Wow what a Reading. You’re really amazing how you describe/explain things in a way that I totally get Miss Melinda. Thanks for being so detailed and putting so much of your energy into what you do. It really shows in how you take the time to write out and explain every single detail. I feel really safe with you as my spiritual advisor. I never doubt anything you tell me and that feels really good to have for me. I ask a million questions and you’re so patient and kind always. You definitely make me want to be a better person and work harder to obtaining it. Thanks for being you, don’t change ever please."

*For entertainment value only. Information obtained in Readings is not intended to substitute legal or professional care or assistance. Proper medical care should be sought in health-related matters. Miss Melinda or is not responsible for decisions made in your personal life.*

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

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