Monthly Coaching Package / Four 40 Minute Phone Sessions

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A package of 4, 40 minute phone sessions.

Offered on a bi-weekly or monthly basis at a 10% discount from the individual price 

Included in your Sessions are follow-up reports and homework.

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These sessions can be used for gaining guidance, advice, insight and knowledge concerning developing your Spiritual connection or Spiritual practice. 

I am happy to provide assistance with and knowledge about: meditation, making magick, techniques for practicing folk magick, candle magick, systems of divination, reading tarot, nature oracles, Spiritual channeling, dream Work, dream analysis, spirit Work, Spirit guides, Ancestor Work, energy Work, mental exercises, protection, grounding, Spiritual and magickal tips for your lifestyle and household, developing psychic abilities, expanding intuition, exploring Spiritual gifts, and many other mystical topics. 

Together we will hone in on your goals, track your progress and find ways to strengthen and develop your skills and practices! 

If you would like assistance developing a specific skill which I have not mentioned, please drop me a line here

About Spiritual Guidance Sessions >

Examples of situations which I can help with include, but are not limited to: removing obstacles, clearing paths, uncovering truths, developing intuition and gaining balance, purpose and clarity. 

During a Spiritual Consultation I can advise you on a variety of topics. We can discuss difficulties, challenges, obstacles or goals in your life. Here I can direct you concerning work you can do on your own to help yourself, including (but not limited to) mediation techniques, spell work, and ritual. I may provide guidance about techniques for practicing magick yourself, advice concerning your personal spiritual growth, and tips about meditation and psychic self care. Any spiritual topics, problems or goals can be discussed in these sessions. Guidance and support will be offered along with practical advice and techniques.

If you have a topic you would like to discuss, a challenge you are facing, or a situation you need guidance for, do not hesitate to contact me.

Testimonial for this Service: 

"I stopped communicating with you because that's when I really felt a change that I didn't need to tell you things that was or was not going on in my life. Any issues that I may have dissolve on it's own. No need to discuss anything with anyone except my spiritual guides. Amazing."

"Miss Melinda has never failed me. She has given me so much hope. Since I have contacted her for help in my spiritual, love, employment and money needs, she has worked wonders. Miss Melinda helped empower me, she helped me to understand the situation and she helped me to be patient. My situation is complicated and crazy but she never left me stranded, instead she guided me all the way and was always there when I need someone to talk to."

"I came across Miss Melinda during a very traumatic time in my life.  I felt hopeless and beaten down emotionally and physically. While searching for prayers and guidance, I came across her website. I don’t feel it was a coincidence that I found her. She was responsive and insightful during our very first conversation. Miss Melinda offered hope and guidance. She provided me with options as well as things I could do on my own to manifest my goals. She has provided readings as well as services to help my situation. I learned more about myself spiritually since working with her than I ever imagined I could. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for Miss Melinda."  


After you purchase your Sessions you will be contacted via email to schedule your phone appointment. 

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