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Miss Melinda's Sweetening Service / Honey Jar

Item Description


For use in Sweetening any situation in your life including love, money, work or otherwise! This container spell is used to influence the energy surrounding your situation and bring sweetness, blessings and luck! This Servcie may be used to assist with any kind of relationship, including that with your boss or co-worker.

Your jar will be packed full of goodness! I love making these and I take great pleasure in adding just the right ingredients to pack extra energy and enhance success! The best quality herbs, flowers, and curios are utilized to create a powerful, tailor-made Working.  Selecting the perfect concoction to manifest your goal is my pleasure.

A total of 6 candles will be Worked in conjunction with each jar Service. The jar will be Worked for a total of 7 weeks before ritual disposal in a manner and location designed to heighten the power of the Working. 

Honey has been used since ancient times to attract angelic forces and good luck. Honey jars have traditionally been used in Spiritism to sweeten a situation and bring prosperity. Angel bottles or magic money bottles are common in European witchcraft practices to obtain good fortune and plentiful finances. 

When you book a Working or Service with me you will be notified via email with a confirmation and a schedule date. The Work will be scheduled in advance. You will receive a report including photos when your Service is complete.  

Please comment at the time of checkout indicating your current goal or circumstance. Also include your date of birth and full name. 

Check out my About Me page for further information. Feel free to message me with questions!

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I look forward to working with you!

~ Blessings ~

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

A user Account is required for all Services & Products. Clients are required to download the Client Agreement before receipt of all Services & Products.

*For entertainment purposes only*



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Custom Doll Baby = A handmade doll baby representing you or the target, adding additional energetic connection & power.

Custom Doll Baby Shipped = Your custom, handmade doll delivered after completion of your Service.

Shipped Product = Your Jar will be shipped to you after Service completion. You may continue to Work the jar, or simply save the jar & keep it in tact.

Life Extension = Your Jar will be Worked 4 weeks additional weeks with 6 additional candles.

Secrecy Protection: A 3 Day Candle Extension to keep your Spell Work invisible from preying eyes & protected from interference.



Reviewed by on Aug 10, 2019
Miss Melinda is the truth!!! I've been working with her for quite sometime now and with her guidance and knowledge she has help me through some really dark times in my life. Miss Melinda has been honest, knowledgeable, kind and dead on!!! I've used several of her services and each one was better than the last!! Thank you Miss Melinda!!! I will be coming back again and again!
Honey Jar by Miss Melinda
Reviewed by on Jul 2, 2019
Thank you for doing this wonderful service for me. I have met a someone who fits the description of the petition you helped me write. He has been sweet, loving and attentive. Your amazing work has definitely been helping with this new romance and I am very grateful.
Honey Jar by Miss Melinda

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