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A Consulting Package designed to offer you structure in the development of your Spiritual path, Spiritual connection, Magickal Practice or Psychic Development. 

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All Clients Will Receive ➡ A final PDF file summarizing your practice plan including daily, weekly & monthly practices, exercises and techniques to employ to nurture and expand your spiritual, magickal or psychic development. 

➤ 3 back and forth emails are included in the Service fee. These emails are for the purpose of assessing your specific needs & goals. 

Check out my About Me page for further information. Feel free to message me with questions.

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Blessings ~ 

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Reviewed by C.R. on Sep 12, 2019
I had a spiritual advisement session with miss Melinda and I just have to say it was fantastic. She listened to all my needs and really took the time to produce an awesome work sheet that has given me so many new ways to look at my practice and improve. Miss Melinda really went above and beyond what I expected and clearly has a real gift. - would highly recommend to anyone.
Miss Melinda's Spiritual Advising
Reviewed by Linda Singh on Apr 16, 2019
I have so much to say about Miss Melinda, she spent so much time with me from the beginning of our relationship. I didn't know much, but I knew I wanted to evolve spiritually and I wanted so badly to develop my craft. She was so patient and kind. After a few years and countless emails I finally got it. Just like magic I knew I had evolved spiritually and now what I do and the way I do it is very spiritual. I have my wonderful friend Miss Melinda to thank for that. I continue to grow and evolve everyday. I am very happy and whenever I have a success story, I always have to share it with her. I don't think I will ever evolve that much that I stop communicating with her. She was with me from the very beginning.
Miss Melinda's Spiritual Advising

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