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Mayan Gold-Black Copal Incense Loose Resin

Item Description

This is pure resin from Mexico, without fillers or additives. 

Copal is known for it's cleansing attributes. Many use it for clearing unwanted or stagnant energies, others use it for healing & soothing. I find it to be an excellent offering as well as quite powerful in assisting with Spiritual connection, channeling, divination & magick of all forms.

Copal is wonderful in assisting with opening up energetic & Spiritual pathways while also providing the added benefit of clearing unwanted influences. 

Copal is associated with divination, spiritual work of all sorts, clearing & cleansing unwanted energies & drawing in love. 

The resin provided is of excellent quality. 

One order is one 3' X 4' bag. 


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