Magick Moon Reading: New Moon Reading

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The Question Answered in this Reading is: "What does this New Moon offer to teach me?"

Gain guidance into the lessons, insights and messages available to you during the New Moon. This message will assist you with best traversing the energy of the New Moon and how it relates to and affects your own life. 

This Reading consists of a mini 3 card spread. 3 is a number associated with Goddess & Moon energy. 

You will receive a report via email including an Mp3 recording and a photo of your cards. 

New Moon Dates 2019

October 27th, November 26th, December 25th. 

➤ I recommend you book your New Moon Reading at least 3 days prior to the New Moon. Keep in mind that it will continue to affect you strongly for 3 days after the official phase, and continue to unfold in your life until the next lunation (Full Moon). 

✦Comment at the time of checkout with your full birth name & date of birth✦

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