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Miss Melinda's personal Hot Foot Powder is handmade from the best and freshest ingredients possible. This recipe is very traditional with the addition of powerful secret ingredients! There are a few variations of Hot Foot Powder recipes available from historic documentation. I have done my research, done my experimentation and formulated this recipe for myself. This is my personal recipe which has been used successfully over the years and is now available to you! 

Hot Foot Powder is a famous and potent banishing blend used by traditional hoodoo practitioners throughout time to be rid of harmful enemies, unwanted guests, unpleasant or quarrelsome housemates, troublesome neighbors, or anyone you don't want or don't need meddling in your life!  

Some uses of Hot Foot Powder include: 

~In a Souring Jar

~In a poppet or dollbaby for an intended target

~Sprinkled in the physical location of your target

~Hot Foot powder is traditionally sprinkled in the footsteps or your foes or spread across areas where which they will walk over. In addition you can sprinkle the powder on personal items such as socks, shoes, or underwear, to encourage an individual to leave your home

~To get rid of a dangerous foe, someone who is threatening the order of your life, loved ones or livelihood: cut a chunk out of large, white onion, place a paper petition stating your wish inside, sprinkle it with hot foot powder, replace the cut-out, bind the onion with a red or black cord (being careful to wrap in the direction away from your body), and roll it away from you while you state your wish to be rid of them. If you can roll the onion in their footsteps, all the better! To get a harmful person out of your home, roll the onion out the door and place it under the steps or somewhere that they will walk over it. In one version of this spell the onion is placed under the bed of an unwanted roommate or housemate. A lemon may also be substituted for an onion.   

Why buy a manufactured product which may have lost it's potency, or contain synthetic ingredients? You will be much happier with a high quality, made-by-hand product which is crafted with care from potent ingredients by a professional Spiritual practitioner. Each batch is made fresh to order and will be shipped immediately after creating. Each ingredient has been thought through and harvested or collected with ethical techniques. Each batch is blessed and full of positive energy to contribute to your success! 

Please keep in mind that this blend is not specifically intended to be used alone, as with any Spiritual Work it is enhanced by your intentions, practices, rituals and prayers. It may be used in combination with any practice or as an enhancing agent to a larger spell or ritual. 

Each order is about 4 ounces of powder. 

*ATTENTION: DO NOT use this on your skin, be careful when handling, use gloves if needed and wash hands thoroughly before touching anything, especially your eyes. NOT FOR INCENSE.* 

*Some of my ingredients are Secret! If you have allergies or concerns please contact me.* 

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