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Meditation is one of the most powerful ways I have found to accomplish transformation and release blockages. Spiritual Work can be greatly enhanced by deep, inner work and meditation is a very direct and effective way to accomplish this.

*This listing is for one one pre-made guided meditation at close to 17 minutes. The meditation file will be promptly emailed to you upon purchase.*

This meditation has been hand-crafted and recorded by Miss Melinda. It is designed for de-cluttering your mind and healing from the past.  

You will be guided by my voice on an internal journey to communicate with your subconscious, offer gratitude for the power of your own mind, and lead you in letting go of the past. This meditation is great for circumstances in which old defensive mechanisms are no longer needed. Often our minds are wonderful at creating the internal circumstances needed to adapt to painful situations, to cope with discomfort or heartache from the past, and to defend ourselves when we have been put into situations beyond our control. When you are ready to let go of old thought patterns which are no longer needed, this meditation will assist you with changing, letting go of the old, releasing old thought patterns, getting rid of outdated mechanisms for defense. When we are in a safe place it is sometimes necessary to bring our minds and emotions up to speed, rather than reacting to life in a way which does not relate to our true present circumstances. Inner work such as this assists us with living in the present. Outer safety and security is not of value to us unless we are able to acheive inner safety and security. 

Are you ready to release old defense mechanisms and outdated modes of thinking?

If you are in a position of actively taking control of changing your thoughts, if you have recognized that your patterns of thought are holding you back in life and you want an extra tool to assist you in positively changing and moving forward, then this meditation is for you! 

This meditation will guide you to sending what you no longer need to be consumed by the flames of your heart. You will be assisted with mental de-cluttering, creating space in your mind, allowing yourself freedom in your thoughts - thus moving your forward in a new direction, with self possession, self awareness and mental clarity and determination. 

You will be led in making a conscious decision to allow your heart center and your mind to connect and work in tandem towards creating the change you desire. Tune into your inner power! 

Check out my About Me page for further information. Feel free to message me with questions or conversations!

I look forward to serving you!

~ Blessings ~ 

*For entertainment purposes only*

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