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Fool's Journey Guidance Session - 60 Minute Guidance Call

Item Description

☆60 Minute Guidance Session via Phone☆

Are you familiar with the Journey of the Fool? In the Major Arcana of the the standard tarot deck there are 22 cards. The Fool begins the set and is numbered 0. He is at the start of the journey & sets out an an adventure to find himself & his own personal power. In many ways the rest of the cards play out the journey which the Fool traverses as he comes down from the land of Spirit & learns to navigate the material world. The journey brings the Fool back to the beginning, when he realizes that he has everything needed within himself. He is perfect in his imperfection, he is wise in his un-knowing, he is whole within his innocence. 

My Guidance will lead you through your own journey, much like the Fool's, in which you are directed to the innate power, connection & wisdom which you already hold within you. You will make sense of what you naturally know. Your path may be defined, your strengths uncovered, your talents enriched, and your practice defined & structured. Through my teaching you will see exactly how to maximize your own strengths & follow your personal journey towards developing & connecting more deeply. You will be offered the tools & techniques to strengthen your natural gifts & the methods for cultivating your personal path & practice.

We are all the Divine Fool, led back to the realization that it is wise to know what we do not know. We are all the Divine Fool, led back to the truth of ourselves. 

Fool's Journey Guidance Sessions: 

You may also book a discounted package HERE.

Guidance through the process of developing your Spiritual path. 

In the development of our personal practice, we all get stuck from time to time. Book with me when you need a learned & practiced teacher to assist you with getting to the next level, overcoming obstacles in your path, and making sense of your practice. Not sure where you're headed? Allow me to read the map or even write a new one! 

These sessions are designed for folks who are developing their Spiritual path or practice and are in need of some guidance. This is what I'm here for! I have studied, practiced & developed my whole life so you can skip the stack of books and gain quick hands-on assistance. I'm here to assist you with important questions & details regarding the direction of your path and the development of your practice. I can even design the process to get you where you need to go! 

These sessions are designed to gain clarity regarding the direction of your path and to provide structure for your practice.  

I can't wait to work with you! 

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