Deluxe Tarot Reading via Live Skype Session or Video Chat

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This listing is for one deluxe, in-depth tarot reading via Skype session with a 45 minute limit. 

Receiving your tarot reading face to face via Skype or Video Chat allows you the opportunity to carry on a conversation, ask additional questions, and get a depth and clarity of insight into your situation which is not always present in another kind of reading. 

This kind of reading becomes a fluid conversation concerning your Spiritual guidance and personal path. 

Just as with my other readings and Spiritual Work, during your Skype session I will tune into guidance from Spirit and channel information on your behalf. I do not perform a traditional Tarot reading with a formal spread, instead I use a method I have developed for myself which allows me to use the cards as a way of tuning into my own intuition and Spiritual guidance on your behalf. Specific dates and timelines are typically not addressed

My readings tend to be focused on your personal development and path through life. The messages received usually pertain to the present and the immediate future. 

Don't forget, fate is not set in stone! Destiny is something we are creating with each decision day by day. Spiritual guidance shows us options for our outcomes and makes suggestions for ways in which we can improve ourselves and our futures, it does not show us a fate that is set in stone. 

Topics and questions are not limited in Skype sessions. 

**This listing is for one 45 minute Skpe reading via Tarot cards **

Testimonials & Feedback: 

"I booked a reading with Miss Melinda because I was concecenred about my lover. I asked if he was thinking of spending time with me after our Christmas party. Miss Melinda predicted and assured me that we would be spending time together and that we would have a great time. She said he would be showing his emotions to me and being expressive. And YES Miss Melinda was right! She’s always acurate and that’s why I always go to her. We did spend time together and that was one of the happiest nights I was with him." 

"Miss Melinda's reading was so spot on! I could not believe it. She mentioned I would have a very memorable trip which would be a turning point in my relationship, and everything she said has come to pass!" 

"This really showed me how you are into what you do and you have all my respect and all my appreciation. I have so much faith in you and the work that you do. And I am willing to wait for the outcome cause everything that you have predicted came true."

*For entertainment value only. Information obtained in Readings is not intended to substitute legal or professional care or assistance. Proper medical care should be sought in health-related matters. Miss Melinda or is not responsible for any decisions made in your personal life.*

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

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*For entertainment purposes only*

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Reviewed by “I” on May 19, 2019
I love Miss Melinda - that’s the first thing I want everyone to know. She is the nicest and the most caring and look out what’s best for you kind of person. I had a reading with her Wednesday afternoon and asked for guidance. She mentioned that my lover has been thinking about our relationship so much. Miss Melinda was so right because the next day I talked to my lover and he talks about our relationship in a way he has not in almost a year. Miss Melinda also mentioned a trip. She was right. He told me we will have a date in September. I rely on Miss Melinda for spiritual needs a lot and advice. She is the best and she won’t lead you to bad decisions or to bad ways. Thank you so much Miss Melinda for always being here for me.
Skype Reading with Miss Melinda
Reviewed by HopelessGirl on May 1, 2019
I just wanted to say I am so blessed to know this amazing lady. I had a 45 minute SKYPE reading with Miss Melinda yesterday and it was not enough at all because she is very nice to talk to, her readings are always insightful. She is very honest and very compassionate. Talking to her is like talking to your very close sister or your very best friend. She understand on what you go through and helps. I actually feel better after talking to her as I was so down for a week before talking to her. I can’t wait for the services that she is going to do for me and for the love of my life and for my future....She is the best and she’s never fails at what she does...I love you miss Melinda!!! Thanks for always being here for me when no one is (tears)
Skype Reading with Miss Melinda

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