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One Customized Vigil Candle Service to suit your individual situation and needs. 

Miss Melinda's 7 day Vigil Candle Service will be personalized to fit your circumstance, needs and goals. Maximize the power of your professional Candle Service with hand-tailoring to suit you.

Candles Currently in Stock & Uses

➣ Brow Chakra / Third Eye: To be used for connection with the third eye, developing clairvoyance, seeing the unseen, ushering in visions, to understand with clarity, and to open the minds eye.

➣ Crown Chakra: To be used for Spiritual connection, assistance with clear knowing, opening up psychic abilities, connecting to Guides, assistance with Spiritual or energetic channeling, and more.

➣ Guardian Angel: To be called upon for protection, a peaceful home, Spiritual connection, or to receive guidance.

➣ King Solomon / Fifth Pentacle of Mars: King Solomon is known for occult power, revealing mysteries, assistance with divination, and help absorbing & understanding occult knowledge and wisdom.

➣ Protection From Enemies: Serious Protection From Enemies

➣ Sacral Chakra / 2nd Chakra: This Chakra corresponds to: Reproduction, sexuality, Attraction of Opposites, Stimulating desire, rejuvenating, and healthy emotional balance.

➣ Saint Barbara: Saint Barbara is the patron saint of firefighters, soldiers, prisoners, stone masons, those who have dangerous professions, construction workers, builders, mathematicians, and the city of Santa Barbara, California.She is most often called upon to protect. 

➣ Santa Martha Dominadora: St. Martha is the Patron Saint of housewives, service workers, and hospitality workers. She is often petitioned for assistance taking charge of a difficult situation or person, including difficult, or cruel bosses, husbands & lovers. 

➣ Spider Queen / Arana Reyna: The Spider Queen is petitioned to dominate situations and goals, to overcome competition, gain favor and receive good luck in matters of money, wealth, work, and personal projects which require success and favor. Many petition her to dominate enemies. She is especially helpful in gaining success in difficult financial or business projects where favor is needed or difficult people present challenges. 

➣ The Holy Indian / Indio Spirit: The Holy Indian is to be revered as an Indigenous Spirit linked to this land. He is petitioned for protection, courage, overcoming enemies, winning court cases, good luck in money and general success.

➣ Tobaco Indio / Indian Tobacco / Prosperity: For good luck in drawing in money, prosperity and abundance; associated with the Holy Indian Spirit and the blessings related to tobacco as a Spiritual offering.

When you book a Service with me you will be notified via email with a confirmation and a schedule date. You will receive a detailed report when your Service is complete.     

Please comment at the time of checkout indicating your current goal or circumstance with as much detail as you would like. Also include your date of birth and full name. The more information you give me the better I am able to help you. Photos are not required, but can be helpful. Client confidentiality is always honored. 

Check out my About Me page for further information. See my client testimonials here.  Feel free to contact me with questions. 

Client Feedback for this Service: 

"Miss Melinda I can’t thank you enough for the casting you done that got me my current job. I love the place and the people I work with. This is why I love working with you."

I look forward to working with you!

~ Blessings ~

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Reviewed by Samhain Irena Crowley @ HP. Crowley Productions on Aug 17, 2019
Melinda is amazing and
Miss Melinda's Custom Vigil Service
Reviewed by K. Turner on Apr 16, 2019
Thank you for working with me, you are great.
Miss Melinda's Custom Vigil Service
Reviewed by on Feb 11, 2018
Miss Melinda's Custom Vigil Service

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