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With Miss Melinda's custom Spiritual Service dedicated the Saint or elevated Spirit of your choice Miss Melinda will intercede on your behalf, use her gifts of Spiritual channeling and Work together with the spirit world to assist in manifesting the goals or desires of your choice. Your Service will be hand-tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

All Services are personal to my philosophies and techniques which have been developed over twenty years of practice. 
This is a Spiritual Service in which the main candle used is a 7 day Vigil Candle. After the initial Service is performed, your Vigil Candle will remain on my altar until it is fully extinguished. Until that time you and your goal will remain in my prayers and meditations. I will continue to work this candle each day until it burns out.  

Spiritual Services differ from basic spell work. In this Service the chosen Saint will be honored and praised through offerings, prayers and dedications. This is a form of channeling or invoking. It involves a deep connection with Spirit. 

Using Spiritual connection I will intercede on your behalf. Through Spiritual Channeling I will direct blessings and good luck towards your endeavors.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have questions about this or other services, I'm friendly and look forward to meeting you! 

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*Please note that these candles vary in color and appearance *

At the time of checkout please comment in the box provided with your full name (including birth, middle, maiden & etc), your date of birth, and your concise summarized goal for the Service. Photos are not mandatory, but can be helpful. After checkout you will receive further instructions from me as well as a  schedule date for your Service. 

~ Blessings ~ 

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

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