60 minute In-Person Intuitive Tarot Reading / Guidance Session

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★This face to face Reading will take place at a location of your choosing. A typical Guidance session will last for around 60 minutes. Spiritual advising accompanies the Reading. Appointments take place in and around the central Austin area. Additional travel fees may apply for appointments located outside of central Austin. Availability varies, in most cases appointments will be scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance due to client demand.★

➤ Also available for events, groups, parties and more. Contact for availability. 

Friends & Family discount as well as sliding scale fee available

Contact for info

In a face to face Reading you have the opportunity to dig deeply into your chosen topic, or address multiple topics. You will be able to ask questions as the Reading unfolds and get clarification regarding any guidance or information that arises. This is a great option if you have a complicated situation and you want to be thorough in your guidance. 

Through this reading you have the opportunity to explore a situation or issue in great depth, touching on the nuances and hidden aspects of it. This is a wonderful Service to receive guidance when you are going through big transitions or making important decisions. 

In a Reading you may not always get the answers you want, but you will get the information you need from Spirit. 

During my readings I tune in to Spiritual Guidance and channel information and messages for you. 

I am a Spiritual Channel and Intuitive Empath with psychic knowing and an insightful relationship with the Divine. During a Reading I access my gifts of clairsentience, claircognizance and mediumship. My Readings come from a Spiritual perspective and often reflect where you are in your journey of growth and development. Often they pertain to the present, as Spirit leads us toward working for a better future. When interpreting future events it is always important to keep in mind that nothing is ever set in stone. Spirit will show us our possible outcome if we are to continue on our current path. Spirit will also show us other possible paths and possible outcomes, making suggestions for personal and spiritual growth which offer us better futures.

Through Readings I can help you access core truths and hidden messages to remove blockages from your life, assist you in making important decisions and in leading you to your higher self and true path. During a reading I will tune in to my higher self as well as with Spirit and the Divine to gain insight about you and your current situation. I am a gentle and kind, sensitive and nurturing spirit who will give you accurate and truthful information in a no-nonsense way.

See more info about me HERE.  

If you are seeking information which is hidden to you, are having trouble making an important decision, or need an answer for a pressing matter, this is a great option for receiving Spirit-led guidance.  

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I look forward to Working on your behalf

~ Blessings ~ 


"My Reading with Miss Melinda was absolutely amazing, she tuned in straight to the core of the issues and provided support, guidance and incredible insight. One of the things she told me manifested in exactly the time frame she said as well. As a Reader myself I cannot speak highly enough of Miss Melinda and her incredible gifts and work. Highly recommended!" 

"It was an accurate reading on the point and gave me helpful insights. She saw details she couldn't know and gave me good advice.I would recommend her and her important work. She is absolutely trustworthy and I'm sure I'll come back if I need her service."

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*For entertainment value only. Information obtained in Readings is not intended to substitute legal or professional care or assistance. Proper medical care should be sought in health-related matters. Miss Melinda or MissMelindasMetaphysicalServices.com is not responsible for any decisions made in your personal life.*

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