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3 Day Hot Foot Service / Mini Get Away Service / Discounted Hot Foot Service

Item Description

A 3 Day Hot Foot Service. This is a simplified version of my larger Get Away Working. This Service can be used alone or as a booster to continue or maintain the energy of a larger Service. 

*PLEASE NOTE: The image pictured is only an example.* 

Miss Melinda's Professional Hot Foot Service is designed to cause targets and enemies to leave a relationship, get out of a home, get away from you, move from your neighborhood, leave you alone and be gone! If you have a need to get someone out of your life to protect yourself, your family, your home, your money, your relationship or your job, this is the Service for you! 

This is the deluxe version of my Hot Foot Jar, which includes an intensive candle Working. 

This is Spiritual self-defense and is not to be used lightly. Circumstances where this Service is warranted includes situations where individuals or enemies are actively attempting to cause harm, disruption, discord or otherwise have negative effects in your life. This includes circumstances of Spiritual warfare or cases where negative magick or energy is directed at you, your loved ones, your job or your family. 

My candles are loaded with freshly made herbal powders which I create from my own recipes and with my own hands! Fresh herbs, resins, flowers, seeds, barks, sands, or curios (as needed) are then added to assist with the Service. 

My Work is a combination of Spiritual Work and Energy Work. As such, this Candle Service will seek the assistance of my Spiritual Frame, or Spiritual Family. 

All Services performed by me are written and designed by me and are personal to my philosophies and techniques which have been developed over twenty-five years of practice. Although some Services have old, traditional foundations, the techniques used in my Work are personal to my belief system and my relationship to Spirit and Spiritual energy. The Saints, Deities, and Spirit guides that I work with will be asked for assistance in these undertakings.

When you book a Service with me you will be notified via email with a confirmation and a schedule date. The Work will be performed on the next available day of the week and during the moon phase which works best to heighten the power. You will receive a detailed report when your Service is complete.     

Please comment at the time of checkout with your current goal or circumstance with as much detail as you would like. Include your date of birth and full name. The more information you give me the better I am able to help you. Photos are not required, but can be helpful. Client confidentiality is always honored. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, I'm friendly! 

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I look forward to Working on your behalf! 

~ Blessings ~ 

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