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Spirit Journey: Live Psychic Reading

Item Description

☆This Reading is a live 75 minute video reading conducted via Zoom☆

Through a Spirit Journey Reading you will travel together with me into the invisible worlds where I will communicate directly with Guides, Deities Ancestors, spirits of the dead or other spirits who present themselves on your behalf. Those that we communicate with walk with you, rather than walking with me. They are the spirits that are connected to you karmically and present with you at the present time.

At times rituals or events may occur on the Spiritual plane. Spirit will lead me to what is needed on behalf of each unique individual and each unique situation. During this Reading, we will enter a trance-state together and directly receive information from the Spirit world.

This Reading may address one generalized challenge, circumstance or situation. It is best used when you are not seeking specific answers, but rather in need of guidance and open to possibilities. You may come into the Reading with a specific intention for who or what you would like to communicate with, but you are required to be open to changes or any additional information or experiences which may arise. Trust the process.

Be prepared for this Reading to not only provide answers, but also to create energetic shifts which will expand over time and have lasting affects.

Expect to be guided through verbal qeues, visualization and shamanic techniques into the world of the invisibles and to encounter surprising inner worlds and revealing messages. You will be surrounded with strong protection throughout your safe and supportive journey.

10 - 15 minutes will be given at the start of the Reading to discuss your circumstances and set your intention. 10-20 minutes will be provided at the end of the Reading to discuss and process the outcome, as well as to discuss any recommended follow-up actions. The exact time of each Spirit Journey Reading varies as each experience is unique. You will be provided with a recording of your live video Reading.

Purposes for this Reading include, but are not limited to: 

  • Mediumship with an Ancestor, a deceased love one or a pet.
  • Spiritual Inquiry & Confirming of a Spiritual Frame or specific guide Spirit Guide.
  • Further insight into dream phenomena, spiritual phenomena or visitations received.
  • Confirmation or clarification regarding prior communication received from a Guide, Ancestor or other.

 This Reading is not for the purpose of answering specific questions, but rather for gaining generalized guidance, clarity and insight pertaining to a situation or circumstance. 

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Check out my About Me page for further information. Feel free to message me with questions or conversations!

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Blessings ~ 

Client Feedback for this Service: 

" First of all, thank you so much, Miss Melinda, for your care and sensitivity. Your reading was incredibly helpful. I am so grateful for that. You've given me so much insight into something that has literally consumed entire parts of my life. I look forward to working with you again soon. You are so kind and you're spot on!"

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Reviewed by Gloria on Oct 9, 2019Miss Melinda ALWAYS delivers!!! This reading was so detailed and extremely eye opening. She was able to tap into and enlighten me in areas of my life where I would otherwise have been left in the dark!!! I got so much more than I bargained for. You could actually feel the love coming off the pages. Thank you Miss Melinda!!Psychic Reading with Miss MelindaSpirit Journey: Live Psychic Reading
Reviewed by on Feb 11, 2018Psychic Reading with Miss MelindaSpirit Journey: Live Psychic Reading

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