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Spell Box / Dream Come True Container Spell

Item Description

Your custom spellbox will be handmade by me with great care. I will include the best & freshest ingredients. Your spellbox will be customized for your specific needs and goals. It will be created using Spiritual connection & prayer. It will be blessed on my Altar through multiple techniques including sacred smoke and candle light. It will arrive to you blessed, charged and activated. 

A traditional spell box contains 7 sacred ingredients carefully chosen for your specific needs as well as a dressed paper petition and lots of good mojo! The ingredients typically include roots, herbs, stones and curios. Many people prefer to keep their spellbox next to their bed, holding it in their hands each night and each morning affirming their intentions or praying for their goals. In this case, your spellbox becomes a dream box, holding your dreams for life as well as Working with your astral dreams. 

My hand-tailored spell boxes are infused with Spiritual energy, strong intention and many blessings. 

Upon purchase additional instructions are given for feeding & caring for your spellbox over time.

Please comment at the time of checkout with your desired goal for your custom, hand-crafted spellbox and your full name (birth, middle, maiden, etc) and your date of birth. 

☛ Please note:  the appearance of your spellbox will vary and will be selected randomly. 


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