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Simple Custom Spell Service / Booster Service

Item Description

A customized, simple candle Service for your specific needs or goals.  

If you have not Worked with me before, please contact me. Some situations may require Readings.

All first time clients seeking love related assistance are required to book a 30 minute phone Reading

This spell Service may be used as an add-on to boost, extend, intensify, or continue the energy of, any larger Service. 

The type of candle used will vary. The photos here are examples only.

Spell Services are performed once per month during the week of the Full Moon. 

This Service includes a simple report. Follow up phone calls or Readings are available separately. 

Please provide your date of birth and full birth name in the notes at checkout. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, I'm friendly!

See client testimonials here

Learn more about me here

See policies here. 

I look forward to Working on your behalf! 

~ Blessings ~ 

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service

A user Account is required for all Services & Products. Clients are required to download the Client Agreement before receipt of all Services & Products.

*For entertainment purposes only*

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Custom Doll Baby = A handmade doll baby representing you or the target, adding additional energetic connection & power.

Custom Doll Baby Shipped = Your custom, handmade doll delivered after completion of your Service.

Shipped Spell Remnants = Your remnants crafted into a paquet or bundle & delivered: offering an extension of your Service & further enhancement of energetic connection.

Support Candles: Back-up Lights to hone in on additional intentions, nuanced energies, and subtle aspects of the overall goal.



Reviewed by Mary on Jul 16, 2020
After months of separation, I wanted my boyfriend to heal from the past and open up to me about his feelings so that we could reconcile Thanks to Miss Melinda’s 3 Day Customized Spell Service not only was he able to finally heal but he began opening up to me about his feelings, our communication was better and we ended up reconciling. This isn’t the first service I’ve had with Miss Melinda and every time I end up with amazing results. Thank you so much Miss Melinda!
Miss Melinda's Custom, 3 Day Candle Spell
Reviewed by Tan on Aug 18, 2019
Hi Miss Melinda, thanks again for yet another successful service. May sound crazy but i feel like I’ve been seeing results before you even began my candle, felt like right after purchasing and Things have been smooth sailing since, my home feels peaceful & light his mood overall is much more positive and happy. . I can’t wait to see the outcome of my other services. Thanks for all of your hard work. I appreciate you!!!!
Miss Melinda's Custom, 3 Day Candle Spell
Reviewed by on Feb 11, 2018
Miss Melinda's Custom, 3 Day Candle Spell

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