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Queen of Diamonds Success Service

Item Description

The Queen of Diamonds Spell Service is designed to bring personal Success to Business Women seeking to overcome challenges, perform well, gain financial wealth, and hit target goals. This Service can apply to creative projects, business ventures, career and financial goals. Your Service will be hand-tailored to suit your individual needs and goals. 

This Service can assist with the following things & more: 

~ Success in money and finance  

~ Success in a creative project or venture 

~ Gaining recognition & acclaim 

~ Overcoming competition and obstacles 

~ Gaining success in a new business or specific venture 


Spell Services are performed once per month during the week of the Full Moon. 

This Service includes a simple report. Follow up phone calls or Readings are available separately. 

Please provide your date of birth and full birth name in the notes at checkout. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, I'm friendly!

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See policies here. 

I look forward to Working on your behalf! 

~ Blessings ~ 

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service

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Shipped Spell Remnants = Your remnants crafted into a paquet or bundle & delivered: offering an extension of your Service & further enhancement of energetic connection.

Support Candles: Back-up Lights to hone in on additional intentions, nuanced energies, and subtle aspects of the overall goal.


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