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Psychic Reading via Spiritual Channeling or Spirit Journey

Item Description

☆This Reading is performed Remotely (from a distance) in the privacy of my Work space.☆

You will then receive a detailed report in written format. 

During this Work I enter a trance-state and directly channel information from Spirit. 

The methods that I use include, but are not limited to scrying, nature oracles, dream work, and messages from the spirit world in any way that they are offered. Any combination of the above techniques may be used.  

These Readings may also take on the form of a Spirit Journey in which I directly commune with the querent on the Astral plane, or directly with Guides and Deities. At times rituals and interactions occur on the Spiritual plane with the help of Guides and Deities. Spirit leads me to what is needed on behalf of each individual. 

Purposes for this Reading include, but are not limited to: 

✺Mediumship with an Ancestor, a loved one or a pet

✺Gaining clarity concerning confusing events or situations

Spiritual Inquiry & Confirming of a Spiritual Frame or Spirit Guide

✺Gaining open-ended messages and Guidance from your Spirit Guides 

✺Obtaining Spiritual Guidance pertaining to your path in life, your Spiritual Development, or important decisions

Allowing an open-ended Spirit-Guided Reading gives Spirit the space to speak through me in the way which is best for all those involved. 

You may not always get the answers that you want, but you will get what you need. 

Because information comes to me in many ways, different tools & methods may be used at different times. These methods & techniques are paired with my Work as a channel, psychic & medium.Often, intuition is paired with common sense and a method of Working is chosen which will be best for a particular situation. At times it is not up to me to pick a method at all, the information will just come to me the way that it comes. As with all of my Work, the process is largely driven by intuition and Spiritual guidance.

This Reading is not for the purpose of answering specific questions, but rather for gaining generalized guidance, clarity and insight pertaining to a situation or circumstance. 

Here is a General Outline / Example of how these Readings are performed: 

I commonly spend some time Spiritually cleansing myself and my workspace. Meditation and energy work is often performed for the purpose of becoming attuned and gaining the proper state of mind. Following this, it is likely for me to spend some time tuning into your photo and taking notes of my psychic impressions. Next, Spiritual Guidance is channeled directly. The Ancestors, Spirits and Guides which I channel will be chosen based upon intuition and / or the situation at hand. During my channeling session, I will take notes based on the visions, images, psychic impressions and guidance I receive on your behalf. Following my channeling session, I often employ other tools. Many times 1-3 Tarot cards will be pulled to close the session and summarize. The next step is writing the report. Often during a report, I will once again channel Spirit and implement the practice of automatic writing. The report you receive will be thorough. *Photos are not included in this report.* 

Please include as much information about our situation as you would like in the comments section at the time of checkout. I also require a current photo. 

This Reading is not for the purpose of answering specific questions, but rather for gaining generalized guidance, clarity and insight pertaining to a situation or circumstance. 

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Check out my About Me page for further information. Feel free to message me with questions or conversations!

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Blessings ~ 

Client Feedback for this Service: 

" First of all, thank you so much, Miss Melinda, for your care and sensitivity. Your reading was incredibly helpful. I am so grateful for that. You've given me so much insight into something that has literally consumed entire parts of my life. I look forward to working with you again soon. You are so kind and you're spot on!"

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Reviewed by Gloria on Oct 9, 2019
Miss Melinda ALWAYS delivers!!! This reading was so detailed and extremely eye opening. She was able to tap into and enlighten me in areas of my life where I would otherwise have been left in the dark!!! I got so much more than I bargained for. You could actually feel the love coming off the pages. Thank you Miss Melinda!!
Psychic Reading with Miss Melinda

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