Psychic Candle Reading Via Fire Scrying & Ceromancy

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Candle readings are a powerful form of divination or psychic reading. I use this method as a way of obtaining information directly from Spirit.

There are many different ways to do candle readings or wax readings. For example, there is an ancient technique used in the Jewish tradition which entailed dripping wax onto water and then interpreting the patterns of the wax. Spirit speaks to me in many ways. I find the candle a useful tool to focus my energy and guide me to my gifts. Using the flame as a focal point is called fire scrying. I could use a variety of tools for this work, but I'm particularly drawn to candle work and to the element fire. In a trance-like meditative state I receive messages and information through gazing at the flame. When the candle has burned down I interpret the symbols & images in the melted wax... and I have seen some clear messages there!

This is one of my very favorite ways to do a reading & a method which I practice a lot!

In my method I dress and charge a candle according to the question or situation you have in mind. This is a ritual in which the candle is prepared and meditation and prayer is performed while it burns. After it has burned down the symbols in the wax will be read. You may be surprised at how apparent these symbols can be!  

Due to the nature of this reading method, simple yes and no answers will not be provided. The information here will be of a more esoteric nature and will provide hidden knowledge about an overall situation. If you have a question which requires a "yes" or "no" answer please find my simple reading here. 

You may not always get the answers  that you want, but you will get what you need. 

It is important to note that divination to tell the future is not something which is set in stone. Often, the point of the information is to give you a chance to make changes in your life. You should see the information as one possible outcome if you continue on the path you are on.... however, there are always forks in the road. This is a chance for you to determine if you want to change your outcome or accept the final destination as is. If you like the outcome you stay on the path.

This listing is for on reading pertaining to a particular situation or question. 

Please include as much information about our situation as you would like in the comments section at the time of checkout. You must at least provide your entire name & brithdate and some information about the situation you are dealing with.


"It was an accurate reading on the point and gave me helpful insights. She saw details she couldnt know and gave me good advice.I would recommend her and her important work. She is absolutely trustworthy and Im sure I'll come back if I need her service.Thanks for the candle reading and the perfect service!"

"I very recently won a candle wax reading fromMiss Melinda's Metaphysical Services, Spiritual Advisorand it was simpling AMAZING ! She was spot on on every thing : dates, events, personal projects that no one could know about. I've never ever had such an accurate reading so if you need one, she is the one to go ! She is the real deal Thank you SO much Miss Melinda"

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