Level 2 Rush Service / Emergency Custom Service / 24 Hour RUSH Root Work

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This is the total fee for your Rush, Custom Service. 

In an emergency situation? Need some Spiritual Support Fast?  

Life is full of surprises! I offer this Emergency Service for those times of need when a custom Service is called for QUICK! 

I will deisgn a custom Service for your particular needs and circumstanes, and perform this Service within 48 hours. This RUSH Emergency Service allows you a Custom, Deluxe Root Work Service to be performed on your behalf within 48 hours. 

Typically a Custom Root Working is scheduled about two to three weeks out, depending upon my current appointments and plans - this Service ensures that your Working takes place RIGHT AWAY!

If you are in need of FAST assistance, let Miss Melinda get to work on your behalf!  

This is the total fee for your Rush, Custom Service. 

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~ Blessings ~ 

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