Holy Indian Spiritual Service / Tobacco Candle Spell

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Candles for the Holy Indian Spirit are used as an offering to Indigenous American Ancestor Spirits for protection, courage, wisdom & to turn away evil or evil magick.

Tobacco candles are traditional, especially in Spiritism, and have been used for ages to win court cases & to influence others. 

The candle comes in a couple of different colors and can be used for different purposes in your life pertaining to protection, courage, and influencing others. I have had much success using this candle for courage & strength! I will continue to Work with this candle because of the impressive results I have seen immediately!

This is a Spiritual Service in which the main candle used is a 7 day Vigil Candle. After the initial Service is performed, your Vigil Candle will remain on my altar until it is fully extinguished. Until that time you and your goal will remain in my prayers and meditations. I will continue to work this candle each day until it burns out.  

Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have questions about this or other services, I'm friendly and look forward to meeting you! 

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*Please note that these candles vary in color and text*

At the time of checkout please comment in the box provided with your full name (including middle names & maiden names, etc), your date of birth, and your current situation, petition or goal. Photos are not mandatory, but can be helpful. After checkout you will receive further instructions from me as well as a  schedule date for your Service. 

~ Blessings ~ 


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