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This is Spiritual Service petitioning Hekate/ Hecate for assistance. Hekate is a powerful crossroads Goddess dating back to matriarchal times in ancient Mesopotamia, and a Goddess which I have had a personal relationship with for many years. (I was born on her feast day!). She specializes in removing obstacles from your life & has a special affinity for dogs, women, & witches.

This working is perfect for matters of love, marriage, fertility, and childbirth to name a few. Hecate can also be petitioned for retribution or protection. The Goddess specializes in easing transitions, assisting with change, and removing obstacles from your life, your goals and your projects. She can open your road and bless your path. 

The service will include candle and paper petitions along with a crossroads Service and offerings. A candle will be blessed, consecrated and charged in your name, your petitions will be sent to the Goddess and offerings will be left at the Crossroads. Using Spiritual connection I will intercede on your behalf. Through Spiritual Channeling I will direct blessings and good luck in your direction.  

Gain the blessings of the Goddess and remove obstacles from your path. If your life is stuck, if you have a goal which has many obstacles,  if your road must be opened, petition the Moon Goddess Hekate. 

~ Blessings ~ 

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