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Each and every day my altar candles are lit. I pray, mediate and feed the altar with offerings and incense. My daily and weekly workings consist of honoring my ancestors and spirit guides as well as specific Deities, Saints, and Spirits. 


Donations will go to the altar maintenance and supplies, to those who cannot afford to pay for work and to the monetary offerings which I keep on the altar. 


At all times there is an offering plate or bowl of money on my altar. Once the energy from this money is absorbed by Deity, I cash it in and donate it to the homeless or other chairty causes. 


Add your energy to the altar through your generous donations and receive blessings from Spirit.


If you wish to pay the full price of one custom working I will make an appointment for the next person that approaches me and does not have funding of their own.


*Please note: an altar donation does not entitle you to a candle or Service of any kind, it is a donation only and I will determine how it is best put to use.*


~ Blessings ~ 


*For entertainment purposes only*

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