3 Day Customized Altar Candle / Discounted Booster Service

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A customized 3 day pillar candle for your particular needs or goals. This Altar Service will include your personalized petition. It will be dressed, loaded, charged and placed upon my altar with your paper petition. Next your candle will be part of a 3 day Prayer Service and Spiritual Service targeted towards you and your goals.

NOT AVAILABLE FOR: Reconciliation, Banishing of any sort, Binding of any sort, Reversing, Road Opening, Spiritual Cleansing or Purification, Hex Breaking, Curse Breaking or Spell Breaking. Please contact me before booking this custom Service. 

This candle can be used for matters of love, money, jobs & employment, success in any endeavor, peace in the home, attracting blessings and good luck, strengthening relationships, studies & learning, spiritual connection, spiritual guidance, personal confidence & attraction and more! 

This candle IS NOT USED FOR: Road Opening, BlockBusting, Reconciliation, Healing, Spiritual Cleansing & Purification, Banishing or Reversals. Find Discounted versions of these Services HERE

My candles are loaded with freshly made herbal powders which I create from my own recipes and with my own hands! Fresh herbs, resins, flowers, seeds, barks, sands, or curios (as needed) are then added to assist with the Service. 

My Work is a combination of Spiritual Work and Energy Work. As such, this Candle Service will seek the assistance of my Spiritual Frame, or Spiritual Family.

These candles are customized to support many goals, such as matters of Love, Money and Finances, Success at work or in school, to assist with a court case, Protection, Purification, Spiritual Cleansing, and Reversal Work - to name a few!

In many cases pertaining to Reversal of negative situations, I may recommend this candle Service rather than a Vigil Candle. It is my preferred method of Work when it comes to Reversal pertaining to Money and Finances.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, I'm friendly!

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I look forward to Working on your behalf! 

~ Blessings ~ 

Feedback for this Service: 

"Thank you soooo much Miss Melinda!!! As always you exceed my expectations with your reporting and the outcomes I was hoping for!! I appreciate you so much and am excited to continue working with you in the future! Much love, peace and happiness to you and your loved ones!"

" Hi Melinda hope you keeping well. After your first work I’m very happy with the results my job has been amazing. I love the joy it brings everyone is friendly and I fill like a winner and valued in team and my manger is very positive with me." 

"Your report is spot on. We had a little riff over sex I guess which is the sexual tension you showed. As I was listening to the report I was laughing because it was so spot on. You’re amazing! Things are great right now I don’t feel how I felt a few days ago. He’s more attentive."

"Hi Miss Melinda, wow and interesting report. My son actually has a friend who is helping him with employment and referred him to a job agency he used in the past and had success. Just to let you know as well, that he has been having luck in other areas since you did the candle work. He said he has been finding pennies everywhere he goes and he had a doctors appointment yesterday and there was a credit on his account which they have no idea where it came out from. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted."

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