Tibetan Lumbini Rope Incense

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Tibetan Lumbini Rope Incense, 3.5" Length - 45 Sticks Per Pack

Lumbini Incense / Zimbu ritual incense is crafted in the traditional manner. Preparing this incense is one of the ancient arts of the monastic order of Tibet. It is composed of 25 ingredients according to a traditional Buddhist formula: including Himalayan herbs, saffron, nagi, and red & white sandalwood - contains no wooden sticks, unnatural dyes, glues or additives.

High quality aromatic medicinal herbs are gathered and dried. Herbs used have fumigation qualities and purify the atmosphere when burned. 

This Tibetan rope incense is handcrafted by monks living in monasteries and is created in the tradition of the Monastic Orders of Tibet. The process involves bundling the raw incense powder in a special handmade rice paper, then rolling and twisting it into a small rope-like braided form.

It should be burnt in a metal dish, special incense burner, or on an ash bed. This type of rope incense can produce a substantial amount of smoke, but it burns quickly, so the smoke does not remain overpowering. 

Rope Incense belongs to the long tradition of family cottage industries in the Himalayas. Almost all young children learn to twist ropes from their grandparents and eventually teach their own children or grandchildren. 

You will receive one package containing 45 3.5" Length ropes


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