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Saint Joseph Spiritual Service

Item Description

Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of the unemployed, fathers, step-fathers, families, expectant mothers, immigrants, travelers, home sellers and buyers, craftsman, engineers, working people, farmers, fisherman, social justice, Belgium, Canada, carpenters, confectioners, soldiers and the family of soldiers, Peru, pioneers, and the Universal Church. 

He is traditionally appealed to for assistance with finding employment, gaining pay raises and keeping steady work flowing. He is especially helpful and sympathetic when work is needed in order to care for and feed a family. He may also be petitioned for protection, a happy death, to sell a home, to end famine, in cases of doubt and hesitation, for prosperity, for assistance with marriage, marital problems or healing from infidelity. 

In the Spiritualist churches Saint Joseph stands beside Black Hawk and Moses as the Patron Saint of social justice.  

Saint Joseph the Worker's Feast Day is May 1st or March 19th His day of the week is Sunday or Wednesday. His emblem is a pitcher and loaf of bread or a lily. His colors are yellow, green and brown. When Working with Saint Joseph the Worker, he must always be pictured holding the infant Jesus. 

in dedication to Saint Joseph it is traditionally to give alms to the poor, raise money for charities, give food to the underprivileged, or to share blessings with those in need. Building an Altar on his feast day is meant to be an act of devotion to Saint Joseph which is also beneficial for the community, not for personal gain. 

Saint Joseph is beloved among Sicilians who brought his devotion to New Orleans. Today he is the unofficial Patron Saint of New Orleans. Although Saint Joseph was a simple man and does not require elaborate offerings, it is traditional to leave dry, lucky fava beans on his Feast Day Altar. Another Saint Joseph folk tradition is to fashion lemons into protective charms to ward off the evil eye. These are pierced with nails and hung by the door after having been offered to Saint Joseph. 

Saint Joseph was the devoted husband to Mary. He was the step-father or earthly father to Jesus, which was not an easy job and not one he had anticipated. His marriage with Mary was never consummated, which is why he carries the Lily as a sign for purity and virginity. The difficulties that Saint Joseph faced caring for a wife pregnant by otherworldly forces and then caring for a son who was not his own, are little spoken of but have forged him into a strong and compassionate intercessor. 

The tradition of burying a Saint Joseph statue to assist with selling a home actually began hundreds of years ago in Europe. Nuns in those times prayed to Saint Joseph when they needed more land for convents. At that time they buried their Saint Joseph metals in the ground. The practice has evolved to include burying a statue of Saint Joseph upside down. Alternately, many turn or hang a photo of the Saint upside down. The philosophy behind this entails making the Saint uncomfortable until your wish is fulfilled, at which time he will be rewarded with promised offerings. I encourage a more respectful relationship with Saint Joseph which includes honor and trust. 

All Services are personal to my philosophies and techniques which have been developed over twenty years of practice. 

This is a Spiritual Service in which the main candle used is a 7 day Vigil Candle. After the initial Service is performed, your Vigil Candle will remain on my altar until it is fully extinguished. Until that time you and your goal will remain in my prayers and meditations. I will continue to work this candle each day until it burns out.  

Spiritual Services differ from basic spell work. In this Saint Joseph will be venerated, honored, and praised through offerings, prayers and dedications. He will be petitioned to assist me with my Spiritual Work and to assist you with your goal. This is a form of channeling, invoking or conjuring. It involves a deep connection with Spirit. 

Prayer, paper petitions, meditations and energy work will be performed for you. Using Spiritual connection I will intercede on your behalf. Through Spiritual Channeling I will direct blessings and good luck towards your endeavors.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have questions about this or other services, I'm friendly and look forward to meeting you! 

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*Please note that these candles vary in color and appearance *

At the time of checkout please comment in the box provided with your full name (including middle names & maiden names, etc), your date of birth, and your current situation, petition or goal. Photos are not mandatory, but can be helpful. After checkout you will receive further instructions from me as well as a  scheduled date for your Service. 

~ Blessings ~ 

*Each Purchase Indicates Agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Service* 

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Custom Doll Baby Shipped = Your custom, handmade doll delivered after completion of your Service.

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