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Reckitts Blueing Squares / Reckitts Crown Blue / Bluing Squares

Item Description

Also known as blue vitriol or blue copperas, bluestone is copper sulfate, a naturally occurring substance. RootWorkers, folk practitioners and Spiritualists who want to work with the blue color of copperas while avoiding its toxic side-effects use crystallized laundry bluing squares instead.

Uses include drawing fast luck, protecting your home, keeping nightmares away, enhancing Spiritual energy, purifying spaces and Divination. Many traditional Conjure folk use the blue water for scrying. Spiritualists are known to place out pans of protective "blue water", or bluing, to keep a residence clear of unwanted spirits. In addition, copper sulfate is an ingredient encountered in old-time recipes for gambler's lucky hands.

Originally this is a laundry whitening agent. It has been adopted by folk traditions to replace copper sulfate which replaced the even older use of pure indigo. These agents are conductors of energy, meaning that they enhance Spiritual energy and assist with directing Spiritual energy. They also offer protection at the same time. Blueing squares are currently the safest and most affordable agents on the market for this use. Blueing water can be used to asperge your altar, your home space, and yourself. It can also be used for washing down surfaces, especially in areas where you would like to enhance Spiritual energy and purify simultaneously. 

Spiritists and mediums (like myself) will often use these squares in mop water to clear the house of negativity prior to Spiritual work or in a process of purification. One Lucky square can be added it to a bucket of mop water along with Florida Water and Holy Water. The Blueing water can also be used alone or in other combinations. Personally, I keep a jar of plain blue water in my Sacred space for use as needed. Often, I use it in my Vigil Healing Service.

Many believe that this American folk practice has derived from the Tuareg people, who are of Berber ethnicity (from Northern Africa) and inhabit the Sahara. They are semi-nomadic Muslim people who have been dubbed the "Blue People" due to their traditional indigo dyed clothing which stains their skin. They have retained elements of pre-Islamic cosmology and rituals, particularly the women of the tribe. Tuareg religious ceremonies contain allusions to matrilineal spirits, as well as to fertility, menstruation and earth ancestresses. Theologians believe that Tuareg people are influenced by both Sufi Mysticism as well as their own pagan roots. It is said that the use of indigo in this culture is not just for the beauty of the color, but also to offer protection, purification, and Spiritual connection. American folk traditions very much use blueing agents in the same ways! 

In old time hoodoo, a blue square is used to create a special gambler's charm. One square is sewed up in a red flannel bag or cloth with a lump of rock alum and 9 silver dimes.

You will receive 4 squares

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Reviewed by on Feb 16, 2020
Great information. Some of the terms such as, scrying, and I use Florida water too. But this blueing agent is an interesting practice that I'd like to try.
Reckitts Crown Blue Squares

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