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Love Grounding: A Spiritual Floor Wash: 8oz

Item Description

☆8oz = 1 Use☆

This Spiritual Floor Wash is hand formulated & handmade by Miss Melinda to assist with grounding the energies of Love within your life & within your home. The formula assists with consistent positive communication, passion, emotional & physical intimacy, and overall positive romantic energies. 

Your Sprititual FloorWash comes with a PDF booklet with suggestions for use! 

Open your spiritual & energetic avenues to stabilize the Love that you desire & deserve. This formula is excellent to assist with creating stability in the overall positive vibrations of romantic relationships. 

Created with the best & freshest ingredients including vibrant pink rose petals & fresh rosemary from my garden. 

For best results it is suggested to perform your ritual in a sequence of 3,6,7,9 or 13 times. 

*Recipe is proprietary, please contact if you have concerns about allergies or sensitivities.*

*Best used in conjunction with other practices: additional instructions & suggestions provided*

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