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Archaeological evidence of Spirit Money is dated back to 1000 BC. It has historically been found in the tombs of wealthy individuals in the form of imitation metal coins . The use of Spirit money is heavily steeped in Asian cultures and was originally derived from a mix of Taoism and regional folk practices. This modern version of the ancient tool is a modification on the traditional use of joss paper. Joss paper is an aferlife monetary paper used in traditional Chinese ancestor veneration. 

Hell bank notes are most often found in use in areas with Cantonese culture. Although it is commonly burned, it may also be carried by the wind or placed in coffins at funerals. Sometimes it is folded into paper packets with other offerings to be burned.

According to Chinese traditions all who die go to Diyu where they are evaluated before being sent to Heaven, punished in the Underworld, or reincarnated. Hell is a loose translation of Diyu and in this context is not to be mistaken with a Western definition of Hell. Confusion surrounding the word "Hell" occured when Christian missionaries proclaimed that all Chinese people were going to Hell. It was thus thought that the proper English word for the afterlife was "Hell". It is important to keep in mind that even the Chinese Underworld varies greatly from the Christian concept of Hell. 

Ancestor veneration, wich has traditionally been practiced all over the world, includes providing dead family members with items needed in everyday life. In some cultures this includes food, liquor and natural magick tokens, in some cultures this includes symbols of everyday objects such as paper cooking tools, money, cars, medicine, cosmetics, etc. The Ancestors are essentially responsible for our own lives and have played a huge role in shaping us and our destinies. By honoring them we are continuing a respectful line of communication which ultimately gives thanks for our own lives. In doing this we are paying our spiritual debt to those who nourished and prepared the world in which we live in. In caring for our ancestors in the afterlife we are sweetening their disposition towards the living and opening a line of communication which may result in guidance and or assistance. It is believed that the deceased take an interest in the affairs of the world and have the ability to affect the fortune of the living. 

It is believed that burning real money brings bad luck. However, these bank notes are treated respectfully, as real money. They are not casually tossed into a fire, but offered respectfully in a loose bundle. In some customs they are folded in precise ways before being burned.

Today joss paper or Spirit Money is often burned at intersections, where it is said that there are higher concentrations of spirits, thus making it easier to carry the Bank Notes to the Underworld Court. This is a tradition not too different from leaving offerings at the Crossroads, where it is said that certain powerful Spirits live. It is no wonder that Spirit Money has found it's way into other traditions and spiritual practices. In addition it is a tadition of Taoist business owners to burn Spirit Money outside of their place of business every 15 days as an offering to bring in prosperity.

People have long used play money to represent real money, but who needs toys when Chinese culture has designed something especially for this purpose! With such a long history of spiritual use, Hell notes carry with it ancient energy and a powerful message communicated with Spirit. Such long practiced techniques carry with them their own power which has been nurtured over time. 

There are many different beliefs surrounding the use of Hell Money including the idea that burning paper money equates making an advance payment into an afterlife bank account. Once deceased the bank account can be accessed in Heaven. In addition, paper money is burned on behalf of ancestors who are in the Underworld as an offering to 'The King Of Hell'. In this contex the payment can help decrease punishment, pay karmic debts, or result in a shorter stay. Alternately, ancestors who are doing fairly well in the afterlife may use this money to buy needed or lavish items. 

Additionally, spirit money and objects are used as symbols of transformation. Burning these items increases their value and serves as a payment of spiritual debts. When a living person worships a God at a local temple the goal is after to ask for favour or blessings. The person then attempts to pay their karmic debt through commity work or monetary donations to the temple, etc. However, no one ever completely pays their karmic debt while alive, therefore living family members continue to pay their ancestor's debts through the offeratory burning of Spirit Money. When the dead have paid their debt they are able to obtain a new body and fate and continue their cycle on the karmic circle of life. 

The Chinese Emperor of the Afterlife appears on the Bank Notes in addition to a tepmple-like building with a tiled roof which is depicted as the Bank of Hell. 

In addition to the traditional Chinese uses of Spirit Money, paper money has found it's way into a variety of Spiritual and Magickal practices. Uses include symbolic representations in sympathetic magic for drawing monetary prosperity. Others use it as a payment to Spirits, Saints, Deities, especially when performing necromancy or working with very powerful forces; such as Sante Muerte, Crossroads Spirits, and Spirits of the cemetery. 

Here are some other ideas for uses of Spirit Money: 

Add it to a mojo bag for luck in gambling, gaining tips, getting paid or generally attracting money

Add it to a honey jar for increasing finances or sales

Use it as an offering to a particular spirit, especially those concerned with business or prosperity

Wrap your lodestones in Bank Notes to attract Money with magnetism

Use it as a symbol to help you connect to the Spirit of Wealth and overcome blockages to obtaining money

Shred spirit money to make your own Lucky Green Rice

Add it to the bottom of a potted plant or garden to watch your wealth increase as the plant(s) grow(s)

Use it to decorate an altar designed for working on goals associated with money

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