CUSTOM * Spiritual Home Kit for any Goal or Intention

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☆Custom Kit! Made to Order for any Goal or Intention☆

Packed full of goodies to fill your home with good juju! 

➤Please allow up to 2 weeks to handcraft your custom kit. 

The kit pictured is for the intention of protecting a family inclduing small children.

✦The ingredients of your custom package will vary✦ 

This example kit Contains: 

Miss Melinda's Blue Bomb Spiritual Bath Wash ~

(*This can also be used as an asperger*)

Containing secret, proprietary ingredients carefully and lovingly hand-crafted, as well as Mexican Anil, Florida water, rose of Jericho water, essence of basil and essence of Texas Burr Oak Acorns. Oak treas have protective magickal lore dating back into pre-history. There is a small quantity of a light essence added to this bath, as large and potent quantities may be poisonous. 

The Rose of Jericho is a Mexican desert plant which is known as the "Resurrection Plant" because of it's powers of revival. Let it revive and refresh you!  

This bath is premixed for you, it is concentrated. This bottle will provide 4-5 baths. 

You may find more information about how to use Spiritual Baths HERE

Miss Melinda's Purification & Protection Incense  ~

A powerful blend of several seeds, botanicals, spices, barks, roots, curios and resins made fresh by hand from the best and freshest ingredients available to me. This is a loose incense blend meant to be burned over charcoal. This blend will not only add protective energy to your home, it will banish negativity! It has been charged and prayed over. Crafted with love, care and Spiritual intention. 

One Large Hag Stone or Holey Stone ~ 

Traditionally these holed stones are hung from a red cord in the front window to ward off evil. You may speak to the stone and let it know what you need from it. Offer it gratitude for it's hard work. I have wild foraged this particular Hag Stone from a Texas riverbed, asking permission from the Earth and the stone. 

Two Protection Charm Bags / Protection Spell in a Bag ~ 

These bags have been created specifically for the purpose of absorbing negativity. Protection is a process! Keep near the front door of the home. These will not allow evil to enter your residence! If you are experiencing a lot of negativity in your life, you should dispose of these within a month, or when you feel the danger has passed. Otherwise, replace or refresh these bags every 1-3 months. (*includes one bag for immediate use and one replacement bag*) The old bag should be disposed of outside of the home, rather than kept in the home. It can be burned, thrown in a bin outside the home, or buried away from the home.

A Red Power Mojo Bag for Protection ~

This can be carried with you or kept in the home, centrally located. It's packed full of potent goodies and has been energetically charged and prayed over!  This bag contains charms, stones, crystals, curios, botanicals, and Spiritual energy! 

Two White candles ~ 

You may dedicate these to Saint Michael, to your personal Guardian Angel, or to any protective Spirit or Diety you have a connection with. You may burn these during the bath or afterward.  

Hand of Fatima Charms ~ 

To be worn on the body or placed in the bedrooms. These can be hung on the wall, in the windows, from the ceiling  or from doorknobs. 

Learn more about the Hamsa or Hamesh Hand HERE.  

Lucky Spanish Moss ~ 

While Spanish Moss is reputed to be lucky and many do find it to be so, it may be a little known fact that it is a metaphysical absorbent. It can be used for protection because it will absorb negativity energy. You may place this in a dish or bowl in any are which feels it needs to be kept energetically fresh and protected. It can also be kept in a bowl or dish underneath the beds of the home, or near the doors. It should be changed, cleansed or replaced every 1-3 months. 

Saint Michael Prayer Card ~ 

Saint Michael Archangel,
defend us in battle,
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;
may God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God, cast into hell
Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Recommended Steps: 

1. Cleanse the home

2. Burn incense 

3. Cleans the self in a Spiritual Bath

4. Continue to burn incense throughout the process

5. Light a white candle

6. Pray, meditate or focus

7. Place your charms and curios around the home, continuing to pray and to speak to each object as you place it. Tell it what you need of it and thank it for it's hard work. 

8. Burn your second candle the next morning with more incense and prayers.

9. Continue to burn the incense daily until it is finished. 

10. Dispose of and / or replace charms or curios when you feel it is time (generally every 1-3 months)

11. Be blessed! 

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Reviewed by viczonman on Sep 15, 2017
This set is really amazing! Unpacking felt like Christmas time , made with such love and care i really could feel the power. My children love it! The stone is great. I will start doing all the instructions , but already it feels so good. This is a must have for mothers with children..Melinda I love you! Thank you so much!
Miss Melinda's Custom Protection Kit

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