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Camphor Squares / Cinnamomum Camphora

Item Description

Camphor is ruled by the Moon & said to be the most sacred offering for Moon Goddesses on the New Moon! 

Obtained from an Evergreen tree known as camphor wood or camphor laurel, this fragrant white compound holds many Spiritual properties. Cinnamomum camphora is a close relative of cinnamon. This plant has long been considered sacred with many healing powers. The Camphor tree has been revered in many cultures through India and Asia. It is one of the seven substances most sacred to Buddha and meditation upon it, or in its presence, is believed to bring enlightenment.

Camphor is mainly an herb of consecration, and purification. It is a funeral herb, and a visionary herb. It is very well known for it’s cleansing properties against unwanted energies and is especially ideal for Spiritual purification of homes, spaces & Altars. Tools can also be cleansed by burning Camphor. You may burn it over charcoal (grated, crushed or whole), however do not breathe in the smoke. 

Camphor is an important ingredient in my Conquer Jar & in my Powerful Purification incense. It is said to expel any cowardice and to add Spiritual strength and the uplifting energy needed to conquer or dominate situations. 

In voodoo / vodou / vodun rituals, it is burned for love and attraction.

The main properties & uses of Camphor


Camphor is best used for cleansing and purification. My favorite use is to place squares in a bowl or glass of water. The water will then absorb unwanted energies. In traditional Mexican Spiritual traditions this water is placed under the bed when a person is ill or as a preventative measure when unwanted energies threaten. At times I keep a bowl like this next to, or under, my bed, to absorb anything unwanted while sleeping and to assist with uplifting vibrations. This water can also be placed by the doors of the home, in the four corners, by the windows, or anywhere as needed.

Banishing / Warding off unwanted advances & unwanted people or energies 

Camphor useful for hex-breaking and removing unwanted energies from the self and the environment. This can be employed before moving into a space or home, as a maintenance practice in an already established location, OR in times of serious need as part of a larger steps taken. 


In traditional hoodoo practices a square is placed in the four corners of each room with a mercury dime on top. This is done to protect the space after cleansing. In addition, many use it for protection while traveling and in times of danger. A square can be carried in your pocket or in a mojo or charm bag. Alternately, camphor water can asperged onto clothing, cars, luggage or items to create a protective barrier. 

It is said that Camphor offers protection and prevention of nightmares while sleeping . Associations with camphor and the nighttime make sense because it's planetary correspondent is the moon. The Moon card in the Tarot deck can bring creativity, inspiration and guidance - especially through dreams, however it can also mean deception, uncertainty, confusion and illusions. Camphor repels these unwanted attributes of the Moon card and brings clarity to the mind, the soul and the physical realm. In addition, If you wish to clear confusion in your home and keep the energy clean and lifted, camphor is your ally.  

Healing / Raising vibrations & Spiritually uplifting 

It is known to be very healing and to offer a sense of liberation. Camphor is said to uplift the mood, especially to a higher, more spiritual vibration.

It is also a popular ingredient in medicinal rubs which are used on the chest and neck for colds and bronchial ailments. As alternative medicine, Camphor is especially useful for fighting colds and flu. The cool, pungent aroma of Camphor can instantly clear the sinuses. Camphor is also useful for treating aches and pains in the muscles and joints. It is also used topically to treat sunburns, insect bites, or itchy skin. The medicinal use of camphor has translated to folk healing traditions and the rub is also used to Spiritually cleanse and clear energetically as well as physically. Shamans in Mexico & South American often use camphor ointments as body rub for removing unwanted energies & influences, in a series of steps for Cleansing on the metaphysical plane. 

​​​​Stimulating psychic senses 

​Camphor also has divinatory properties, assists with meditations, and is said to offer prophetic dreams. The scent is believed to activate inner psychic abilities and establish a connection with higher intelligence. Many also add it to water used for scrying. 


WARNING: For external use only. Not a food product. Dangerous or Fatal if Swallowed. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately. These blocks are not intended for pharmaceutical purposes. If you have epilepsy or asthma, you should avoid camphor at all costs as it will make your symptoms worse. Avoid during pregnancy and do not use on children or the elderly. 

You will receive: Pack of 4 - 1 block of 4 pieces

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